Perinatal Center opened in the Kirov region

Open obstetric regional perinatal center. As they say in such cases, it is difficult to overestimate the significance of the event. Brand new building in the most modern equipment, the safest conditions, new directions.


40% of births (about 5000 per year) Kirov region will take this body, primarily in the cases when there is any abnormal pregnancy and thus an increased risk. New directions — is nursing infants born with extremely low birth weight (500 grams), and carrying out the IVF procedure. Previously, this was not in the area.

We were among the first built "from scratch" Perinatal Center of the 20 regions in which they were built and are being built on the national project "Health". We have managed to secure funding construction projects, despite the fact that the money is needed in the worst budget year. We are honest and thanks to the quality of your purchases saved 120 million rubles, which went to the purchase of medical equipment to the district hospital.



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