Perm triangle

And it is located near the village in the Urals average Usva

"Tribune", 15.07.1999, Moscow, n130

Madcap, ranneutrenny call from New York to Perm
My name is Irina Danilova, I'm an artist, test and found that it is in the Perm region intersect the 59th meridian and the 59th parallel. According to my calculations, it is the center of the Earth!
And I live in the house at number 59, assuming that yours truly has not yet emerged from the games store sleep, I say to New York.
Oh! I hear the phone. So you're our man!
It is well known: there is nothing like leather. In the pauses between the execution of duties sobkorovskih I develop a theory that Perm is not simply a unit of geography and navel of the earth. Legend has it that in ancient times, when called Kama Biarm, there lived arias, as a handful of grain, scattered all over the world from here. "Hello, residents of Zarathustra" so welcoming Perm in one of his visits astrologer Pavel Globa. In his version, the famous prophet, influenced the minds of the world, was born in these limits at the confluence of the rivers Kama and Chusovoi. Radio (data space) invented Permjak Alexander Popov. Electric method first used in Perm Nicholas Slavyanov. A few years ago, I wrote about how the Permian inventor Alexander Bakaev has successfully tested an engine running on water. Local psychiatrist Gennady Krokhalev proved that thought is material, being able to take a picture of a man fancies. And the Tsar Cannon, cast by Motovilikhinsky plant? .. The one that stands in the Kremlin, not fucking shot, and Permian already made 314 combat rounds! One shell it weighs 28 pounds. And the world's biggest hammer? .. He created not in Paris and not in Albion. In the same Great Perm. So, back in 1324 at the Trinity Chronicle called Perm. Now recall-ka: how many in the country's history of land with similar titles? Mr. Veliky Novgorod, Rostov the Great. The Metropolitan of Moscow in this series, no. But there is a Great Perm … Whether casual? In the end, a global geological dictionary of obscure Russian for hearing Devon and Silures pops up only straw from the roof of the Permian period. Do not Egyptian, not some Portuguese, namely the Permian! And it's name is not given to Kulik, who praises his own broth, and a stranger president of the Geological Society of London Roderick Murchison, surf the Kama basin middle of the XIX century and discover the powerful coastline colorful rocks containing copper ore.
A Ural Mountains, named Stone Belt? .. Why Stone, of course, but the belt is not it because the next PUP?
…So I mused. And suddenly this New York call. Hemisphere of the brain has gone for. "Well if the U.S. sent to Perm look for the Earth's center, so that someone needs? .."
Guest had fallen and was indeed a curious person. Emigrant. Not a sculptor, not a painter, no timetable, but the artist unusual projects. They are a lot of bells and whistles, but if that's it! First, Irina Danilova was born in 1959. Second: "The truth is that the number 59 is at the center of our being, develops his concept of stunning American. Absolute number of 59, which is the source of every historical event, or rather, the year of each historical event is the code for 59 year."
1917 from New York is seen in this combination: Nine is already present here, is to take away from the seven first one, and then another one. Here you have the required five! I decided to investigate a few historical dates "on Danilova." 1385 (Battle of Kulikov) has five, 8 +1 = 9. 1914 th (World War I) is nine, 4 +1 = 5. 1985 th (early reconstruction): imperative figure "59" looked through without calculations. Yeah, this whole digital pandemonium felt a profound skvoznyachok.
In New York, Irina was amused that the gaining command of 59 people, put them on a bus route to 59th and 59th on the highway they were traveling at a speed of 59 km per hour. However, having carefully studied the overnight atlas of the world, suddenly found the magic of the 59th meridian and the 59th parallell intersect somewhere, and in the Perm region! This is the only survivor in the intersection of the land (or the manifestation of the "Center of the Earth"), everything else is sinking in the ocean!
Having arrived in Perm, extravagant pilgrim, not afraid of ticks and mosquitoes, was graced by the anomalous zone, known worldwide as the Perm triangle. (Here's another fascinating cognate roll. PERMSKOE delta, where much that occurs and the Bermuda Triangle, where much that disappears). In this area, near the village of Molebka, the messenger of the American continent was struck by its inhabitants zabugornoy new fad. In the 33 letters of the Russian language, in English 26. In total, they give us the familiar mighty number 59. In order to preserve their sacred weight 59 pounds, Irina, under their own rules of conduct, shall be supplied in alphabetical order. On the day when she found herself in Molebka, menus overseas zaletki consisted of the letter "A". I mean, the artist could eat, say, watermelon, apricots and pineapple. In remote Ural village of pineapples he has never seen before, and watermelons with apricots did not grow because of the cautious climate. Here's a potato is another matter.
Eat, do not be afraid, she sort of "Astra", emphasizing the "A", said damsel own peacebuilding discoverer of the anomalous zone Emil Bachurin.
Of Perm triangle Gornozavodsky Daniel migrated to the area in Middle Village Usva. By the way, in the name of the average — the middle, the umbilical cord, the center. Usva vogudskogo with clean water. There is something on the clear waters, home to weathered loggers and fishermen, and is crossed by the same 59th meridian to the 59th parallel. Reverent point of intersection Irina calculated using satnav "Magellan". Magellan discovered America, Danilova center of the Earth. And it is located 6 kilometers east of the Central Usva in the taiga. When an artist with his guide was selected to his goal, the sultry sky suddenly as fur accordion clouds shifted hard and put pressure on the bass: thunder, lightning and rain blocked the way! For the brave Americans like it was irrefutable testimony of fidelity to search. On the dug-in Tesin Irina Danilova has strengthened the number "59". Here it is, the center of the Earth! He should be. Everyone. His own. And be sure to find it.

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