Permian mathematics developed a new construction technology

Mathematics, Perm State University (PGNIU) are developing a new technology, which has no analogues in the world. Scientists offer to hammer building piles into the ground by artillery. This method allows you to save time and money. Technology Permian mathematicians interested in Chinese corporations. One developer has already awarded the Medal of PAE them. A. Nobel.

Work on this project began in the 1990s. Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor of the University of Perm, Oleg Pensky. "I'm developing a mathematical theory of the process piling cannons, describing its corresponding differential equations. Together with colleagues we are the first to develop a scheme of building guns, calculated the mass of the necessary charges are not torn to the trunk and would have destroyed the pile. This technology is protected by dozens of patents, "- says the professor.


Scientific developments PGNIU appreciated in Moscow: they attracted the interest of the Federal Agency for Construction, Housing and Utilities. Also, the technology was presented during the summit «3rd China International Piling and Deep Foundation Summit» in Shanghai. This project interested members of the Chinese corporation "Chzhuo Dian", working in the sphere of high technologies.

The development has already proved its practical effectiveness. Several buildings of the Permian wagon factory, towers at oil fields in Nizhnevartovsk and Nefteyugansk were built for this unique technology. It saves a lot of time during pile driving. The secret to the economic benefit — in the powder. In the installation, you can use an outdated form of powder, which is now not used and stored in a large quantity in stock.

Now Permian technology improve young scientists. In July, a senior lecturer of management and information security of the Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty PGNIU Arseny Chernikov defended his PhD thesis on the use in the construction of artillery is no longer on the ground and on the water. In the process of preparation of the dissertation of a young scientist has issued four patents for its development. For these and other developments Arseny Chernikov awarded the Medal of PAE them. A.Nobelya "For the development of invention."

Recall PGNIU in the framework of the development of a national research university pays great attention to high-tech research and development. The project involved not only eminent professors, but also young researchers and students.

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