Permian officials are not in a hurry to save slipping in Kama private houses

Immediately 14 private houses of the village Visim Dobriansky area after the storm were at the river edge. One of the village houses could collapse at any moment. However, the strengthening of local banks are not even included in the financing plan.

Repin's family home in the village Visim stands on the edge of the bank of the Kama. From the concrete foundation to the two-meter cliff — just a few centimeters. In early summer, the water was more than five meters. But the last powerful storm which broke out recently at the Kama Reservoir, literally "eaten" stayed ashore.

— We bought a house in the village Visim forty years ago — said Nadezhda Repin. — Then the water was about 500 meters. Before us were two streets. And now there is nothing left — all in Kama tide. We already and bath, and the fence — all fell into the river.

Their house, among others in the 1950s, was transferred from the flooded area before completing the Kama reservoir away from the coast. But after 50 years, the river again overtook their home. During a recent storm, barely had time to move the rural power line: the old pillar collapsed several hours after the blackout.

With the river cliff is seen lying under water concrete slabs, iron construction, lumber and rubber tires. But nothing helps. The river constantly eroding coast.

— In our settlement reservoir threatens three villages — says Natalya Makhmutova, assistant chief of staff Visimsky rural settlement. — This dependence, Bor-Luh LenVO and Lower.

Their own villagers could not cope with the water reservoir. They walked all the agencies that have anything to do with the reservoir. Asked for help and the administration Dobriansky district. Officials have promised to do a project on this and stopped.

Valery Rylov whose home after the storm was about ten meters from the river cliff, blames the leadership of the Kama hydroelectric.
— To get electricity, they are specifically held such high water levels, — he says. — As a result of strong wind erodes our shores.

Energy, who came to dependence, claim that they can lower the water level. Rescue officers inspected the beach and falling just shrugged.

Washed away from the shores of the land falls to the bottom, slowly transforming Reservoir unnavigable. And when working dredgers believe visimtsy, water would have little, but moved away from the coast.

— This year we have received federal money for bank stabilization only Elovskaya area — says Inga Dolganova, the Acting Chief of the Kama basin water management. — The other problem areas are still not financing.

Once in 2007, the authority to protect the shores of reservoirs moved to federal agencies, regional authorities have no right to fund efforts to strengthen banks. They manage only stayed protection of small rivers.

Dependence of residents sent a letter to the head of the district Dobriansky — they ask persuade guide Kama hydroelectric lower the water in the Kama Reservoir.

— This year, the money in the budget to address the issue is not, — said Nikolai Pozdeev, first deputy head of the district Dobriansky. — Previously, there was a regional program in the region to protect the coast. Thanks to her we were able to strengthen the coast in Dobryanka, Polazna, the village of Ust-cinder. Now this program. And the water level in the Kama we reduce not. Of us, it does not.

Help "WG"

The coastline prone to erosion, is at the Kama reservoir 591 kilometers, the Votkinsk — more than 400 kilometers. Of these the most active destruction are respectively 200 and 246 kilometers. The maximum rate of bank caving reach six meters per year (on average — 0.5-1.5 meters per year). Continuing education and the progress of new landslides old. On the total length of the Kama Reservoir landslide coast is 55 kilometers, or 6.1 per cent of the total length of the coastline. The greatest progress of individual landslides reach six meters a year.

Constantine Bakharev, Perm
"The Russian newspaper-Week" — Perm № 5510

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