In the days of May Day in the city of Shaoguan, China South China's Guangdong Province hit by heavy rain with thunder and hail, which affected eight townships and towns of the two counties. It is reported, "Xinhua" referring to the shaoguanskoy headquarters of flood, drought and wind.

Hail the size of a hen's egg lasted about 10 minutes. According to reports, 53 villages have suffered seven townships and towns county Shisin, 8 villages in one township county Zhenhua. In varying degrees, destroyed more than 6 thousand rooms, suffered about 3 thousand hectares of agricultural and industrial crops, direct economic losses estimated at more than 68.4 million yuan ($ 10.5 million).

In the affected counties and cities are actively working in the aftermath of natural disasters.

Source: Rosbalt

In Guizhou Province 270 thousand people have been affected by heavy rain and hail

Guiyang, May 3. As of May 2, in the province of Guizhou / Southwest China / one person was killed and 270 thousand people have been affected by the floods and hail.

These are the preliminary statistics of the provincial structure of the civil administration.

From April 30 to May 2, parts of wire. Guizhou hit thunderstorms, hail and heavy rain. Part of the townships and towns, administrative subordinates three cities / areas / at the mercy of floods, 16 districts / cities, districts, special districts / will suffer disproportionately from the hail. In particular, May 1-2, in the village of San Shou County Tszyutsyan rainfall was 138.7 mm, maximum diameter hail reached 5 cm

As of May 2, in these areas, more than 10 thousand hectares of crops affected by the disaster, was completely destroyed housing 31 families urgently evacuated 3195 people.