Peter first came to the podium in the race, Formula 1

MOSCOW, March 27 — RIA Novosti. Russian driver Vitaly Petrov, conducting a second season in the "Formula 1", first came to the podium in the most prestigious class of racing, finishing third in the race of the Australian Grand Prix, which won a victory in the current world champion Sebastian Vettel of "Red Bull".

Vettel, on Saturday won the qualification with confidence, kept the advantage Sunday. Finished second pilot 'McLaren' Lewis Hamilton, also kept the starting place. Petrov, who left the race in sixth, finished third for the first time in his career came to the podium.

Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel, Vitaly Petrov (left to right) during the awards ceremony at the Grand Prix of Australia.

On the last lap Petrov kept the third position when he caught up with two-time world champion Fernando Alonso at the wheel "Ferrari". Vettel's team-mate and one of the favorites for the championship, Mark Webber closed the top five.

Petrov made his debut in the "Formula 1" in 2010 at the wheel of "Renault", the first season was marked by his uneven results. In the end of the season Russians scored 27 points, 18 of which received for the fifth place in the race of the Hungarian Grand Prix and sixth in Abu Dhabi. His partner for the 2010 season, the Pole Robert Kubica, who is considered one of the best pilots of modern "Formula 1", scored 136 points and finished eighth in the championship. Petrov was 13th in the overall standings. In the qualifications of a Russian partner lost with a score of 2-17.

Australian Grand Prix — the starting phase of the new season, "Formula 1", which will be completed in November. It was originally planned that the championship will start in Bahrain on March 11-13. But because of the anti-government protests in the country of Bahrain Grand Prix postponed indefinitely.

As it was

Start of the race had the unfortunate for Alonso, started fifth, but rolled to the end of the top ten. One of these pilots was benefiting Petrov, released on the fourth. In addition to the Spaniard and he overtook Jenson Button to "McLaren". Alonso among others, forward and let his own team-mate Felipe Massa, who had gone into the race eighth.

Leadership skills kept winning Sebastian Vettel. Webber in third place starting immediately tried to pass Hamilton, but in the end only retained the position. Michael Schumacher "Mercedes" because of puncture rolled to the end of the peloton. Alonso gradually win back lost ground. Vettel confidently in the lead when the first wave of the stops in the pits. Pirelli tires wear out quickly the first forced to stop Webber, it was followed by other pilots.

Button, who tried desperately to outrun resisted Massa received a penalty in the form of travel in the pit lane. He was ahead of the opponent, just cut the corner. The pilot of the Russian team "Marussia-Virgin" Timo Glock at the beginning of the race with mechanical problems encountered. He eventually got to the finish line, but was not classified.

Soon, the race got off Schumacher, who joined dropped out of the race Pastor Maldonado ("Williams) and the pilots" Hispania ". Seven-time world champion team-mate Nico Rosberg also completed the race three laps later, when faced with the "Williams' Rubens Barrichello. The Brazilian was punished for a clash of passing the pit lane, but in the end did not complete the race.

During the race pilots used different tactics. But the victory was a variant with two changes of condition — so did Vettel, Hamilton and Petrov. Alonso and the other pilots made three stops. He distinguished racer "Sauber" Sergio Perez. Debutant "Formula 1" only once visited the pits, so that took seventh place, behind Button. Perez finished behind his team-mate Kamui Kobayashi stopped twice.

Points zone closed the Mass and the pilot of "Toro Rosso" Sebastien Buemi. Petrov's team-mate Nick Heidfeld was 14th. Pilot "Marussia-Virgin" Jerome d'Ambrosio (16th) closed the final protocol.

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