Petersburg Hyundai plant in December will supply Kia Rio in CIS countries


Hyundai Company in December of this year will start exporting cars manufactured in St. Petersburg, in the CIS countries. Until the end, the Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan will be sent thousand cars Kia Rio. Experts believe that in the future the plant is able to be exported to 30% of its production, and gradually expand the geography of foreign supplies.

St. Petersburg will be the first Hyundai car plant, which will export cars made in Russia, said Friday the head of the Committee for Investments and Strategic Projects Petersburg Alexei Chichkanov. According to him, the city authorities' dreamed about it when the automotive cluster was just beginning to form. " According to RBC daily in the press service of the Hyundai, deliveries of cars Kia Rio, which are available on the St. Petersburg plant from August 15 this year, will begin in December and the end of the year will be exported 1,000 cars.

Cars will be exported to the CIS countries — Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, said the representative of Hyundai. Plans to export in 2012, as well as expanding the list of countries to which the machine will reach the St. Petersburg assembly too early to speak, he said, but the assurance that the products will be in demand, there is. In the future, "does not preclude consideration of exports" and the company Nissan, which operates the plant in the village of Kamenka in June 2009, said a company representative Tatiana Natarova.

In Russia 100 thousand cars of the same model year did not sell even a single carmaker, even in pre-crisis 2008, and Hyundai is interested in expanding sales both through the CIS countries (eight of them have come from Hyundai Solaris, which assembled at the plant started in January 2011) and at the expense of Western Europe, says the director of the agency «Auto-Dealer-SPb" Mikhail Chaplygin. According to the expert automotive market Vitaly Novikov in perspective Petersburg Hyundai may export up to 30% of its production. "The maximum capacity of the plant — about 300 thousand cars and Korean cars as the Russian market is not necessary, while the demand for low cost foreign car in the nearby countries of the St. Petersburg plant is quite capable," — he said. Vitaly Novikov adds that in addition to the markets of Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan similar consumer preferences.

In addition, the Korean automaker can try to export automobiles and St. Petersburg in Middle Europe, especially where these brands have not yet established themselves and the company is in principle no risk, for example in Finland. "This was at hand and good logistics — the proximity of the port and straight roads", — said Vitaly Novikov. However, he adds that it is extremely important, the prices at which these cars will be sold for export. "But as deployed in St. Petersburg and the production of automotive components, prices are likely to be competitive," — he said. Michael Chapligin notes that there is no reason to believe that the Kia Rio, produced in St. Petersburg, will not be in demand in Europe just because it is made in Russia. "The main thing is that the car met all the quality standards. In this case, Kia will be able to make good money in sales in Europe Rio, after delivering them back from St. Petersburg is much cheaper than in Korea or China. A 1,000 before the end of the year — this seems to be a test batch, which certainly gets going very quickly, "- said the expert.
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