Petrozavodskmash first uses a unique technology of welding equipment plant

«Petrozavodskmash" (included in the Engineering Division of Rosatom — AtomEnergoMash) has put into operation a robotic welding facility Pema (Finland) for automatic submerged arc welding. Equipment purchased under a comprehensive investment program to modernize Petrozavodskmash, which is under the control of the engineering company "AEM technology."  

Technology robotic submerged arc welding specialists Pema designed specifically for Petrozavodskmash. Welding Center is set on a plot of the production of steam generators and is designed to be welded pipes of various diameters complex ellipsoid configuration. The use of robotic automatic submerged arc welding on a complex path is used for the first time in the nuclear industry. The thickness of the product is virtually unlimited. New technology allows you to reduce the use of consumables for welding of pipe DN-1200 is a 4-fold — from 800 kg in standard welding up to 200 kg — in the welding robot.

One of the unique features of the robot Pema is that it works in close proximity to humans. This was made possible thanks to the technology based on the measurement of the electric current in each of the joints of limbs welding center. Encountering an obstacle with a force of 150 newtons (about 15 kg), the robot stops immediately, while any other would continue to work.

The robot is programmed using a graphical interface that is displayed on the computer screen. This significantly reduces the time required for installation and configuration of the robot.

Even today, the use of welding center allows to optimize the welding nozzle DN-1200 on the case of the steam generator. In the future, with the help of robotic welding at Petrozavodskmash will weld all the connections to the central body shells to the steam generator.

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