Philippines: Dagupan go under water for 15 years, says Mayor

Sea level rise and land subsidence can cause that in the next 15 years, a significant part of this vibrant coastal city will be underwater, said Mayor Benjamin Lim:

— This is undoubtedly the impact of global warming and climate change. Even in the absence of rain, the tide floods parts of the city, including the business district.

In his opinion, this is due to rising sea levels and the gradual natural subsidence. In addition, subsidence can be caused by withdrawal of water from underground aquifers. The city, situated on the Gulf of Lingayen, there are 16 water pumps, A message-driven Department of Water Resources.

Since last Monday, every morning, the main city streets, including the district municipality, subject to flooding during high tide. The city agriculturist Emma Molina said that the tides are now flooded with up to 40% of urban land.

Dagupan is an average of 1 meter above sea level. Any tide above that mark will certainly flood the city, especially in areas located along the banks of river tributaries.

The mayor of the city has admitted that in the past 15 years he put up his house twice in 30 centimeters. But now the water comes up to this height. In other words, in 15 years the water level in the area during floods has increased by at least 50 centimeters.

— Just imagine what will happen in another 15 years, if the trend continues. City simply go under the water.

The situation is aggravated by the construction of road junctions in the rivers (in seven of them), which prevents the outflow of water in the ocean. Does not improve the situation, and the fact that many of the fish ponds are drained for commercial development. This disrupts the natural water balance. And passing through the heavily silted river city, although work on their deepening held regularly.

One way to address the problem, said the mayor, is to raise the level of the soil in the city. This is an incredibly expensive undertaking, but other ways to adapt to the new conditions, it seems not.

Translation: Vitaly Semkin


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