Photo-fact. Moon square in Alaska

Anyone can easily describe the moon. Despite the phase, it is always round. But in Alaska could see the moon in the shape of a rectangle. Is it possible?

March 19 there was the biggest full moon in 18 years. Our satellite was very low in the sky, a fantastically large and red.

Delta residents Koulvil in northern Alaska were particularly surprised by the Moon, as she appeared to their eyes square.

The inhabitants of the planet waiting for the day of the worst, but it appears that this phenomenon is not typical — it's a common phenomenon in the world.

And the moon has changed its shape only in appearance as a result of a mirage. This is the result of the passage of light through the air masses with different temperatures.

In this case, very cold air began to descend, and the warm — up above. There was a typical Arctic Fata Morgana. In the photo it is surprisingly excellent results.

Source: Meteoprog

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