Photo-fact! Underwater volcano near the Canary Islands comes to the surface!

"The monster rises out of the water!" — Exclaims the Spanish newspaper La Provincia. Scientists too hard to stay calm, watching as their eyes is born a new island, Canary Islands.

According science.compulenta, underwater volcano, located to the south of the island of Hierro, entered the third phase of the eruption — the last days of water fountains rising over the Atlantic at 20 am Local residents say that they saw about the same height from the sea of flying whole chunks of rock.

On an underwater volcano crater — a whirlpool of tens meters. It is warmer than the surrounding water.

Until now, the power of the volcano showed cleanse the water. Now, from time to time on the surface of the ocean to the south there are foaming, as if overwhelmed volcano hiccup.

This suggests that the mountain is growing and the center of the eruption coming to the surface. The islanders are already looking for a name for the new territory. Specialists of the National Geographic Institute of Spain stated that the volcano remained overcome 70 meters to the water surface.

How great is the risk to nearby residents? Last weekend, hundreds of people living in the southern part of the island of Hierro, were forced to leave their homes. The smell of sulfur is distributed around the island.

Local Institute of Volcanology reported a threefold increase in carbon dioxide levels — a warning signal that the volcano is not going to calm down.

An increasing number of seismic disturbances on the seabed. Since July Hierro rocked more than ten thousand (!) Minor tremors. On October 22 some magnitude earthquake has exceeded 4.0.

Seismographs paint a typical picture of the flow of magma (harmonic volcanic tremor) — a clear sign of an impending eruption.

Scientists warn of September that the eruption may hurt and land. In recent tremors began to shift from the south to the north Hierro. On the other hand, they occur at a depth of ten kilometers or more, so the risk of release of magma to the surface while small. But she had already raised.

National Geographical Institute believes that the outpouring of lava, most likely to occur in or near the valley Holfo on the north coast.

Meanwhile, off the southern coast on the surface drift pumice and ash. A preliminary analysis of the material, under the leadership Domingo Gimeno Torrent of the University of Barcelona (Spain), has shown explosive potential of the volcano.

Most of the so-called hot volcanic basalt magma produces a relatively small amount of silicon dioxide (SiO2). It acts as the glue, creating a very viscous magma, which leads to an accumulation of gas and dust explosion.

It turned out, however, that the volcano near Hierro is powered by two sources of lava, one of them is a less volatile basalt magma, and the second — more explosive.

So that all may be …

Recall, in the Canary Islands had to close several beaches where the eruption of an underwater volcano in the region become unpleasant smell of sulfur. The scientist who conducted the study during the day underwater volcano with sulfur poisoning in hospital.

METEOPROG continues to closely monitor active volcanoes in the world.

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