PJSC farm Slobozhanskiy increased the number of pigs to 51 thousand

Ukraine's largest pig bank "farm" Slobozhanskiy "(Chuguivs'kyi district of Kharkiv region) increased the number of pigs to 51 thousand Told the "SQ" Director of the Department of Agricultural Development of Kharkiv Regional State Administration Vitaly Panov. According to him, at the end of December at the plant contained about 20 thousand pigs. Recall "Slobozhanskiy" increases livestock production to a complete stop.

As noted by Panov, plant bought about 5 thousand sows that have started to give offspring. "Fattening delivered about 10 million pigs. First deliveries of meat from agro-shops are expected in May. Agrokombinat developing according to plan, without fail," — said the head of oblagroproma.

Help "SQ". Agrokombinat "Slobozhanskiy" — one of the country's largest pig farms, which grew annually about 100 thousand pigs. Between the end of 2011 to February 2012 in Agribusiness cut out all the pigs. Head of Kharkiv Regional State Administration Mykhailo Dobkin explained by the fact that the quality of meat on the agricultural complex did not meet the required standards.

Agrokombinat began to rebuild its operations in 2012, the first batch of pigs from Denmark was introduced in June 2012 At the beginning of 2013 was delivered five thousand heads of 95 breeding pigs. It is planned to bring five thousand 200 goals.

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