Poaching in Kamchatka double flowers bloom

Poaching in Kamchatka.  Photo palana.nameKamchatka poachers must pay the state 40 million rubles. As specified correspondent IA REGNUM the bailiffs during the salmon fishing season this year kamchattsy poaching across on 4.6 thousand times.

According to statistics from police officers, the leader of poaching is Yelizovsky region, which accounts for 49% of the total number of enforcement proceedings in Kamchatka for the recovery of fines for fishing aquatic biological resources (FBG).

"Although this is an amateur fishing, in most cases the perpetrators are" professionals "who earn their living by poaching fishing., For example, from one of the residents of the city in 2011, collected 12 penalties for fishing FBG. Parallel collection of fines, bailiffs confiscated guns offenses — in Elizovsky district this year paid to the state budget 167 units of fishing: nets, fishing rods and tackle, "- said the service officers.

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