Police shot and killed a bear walking around the city in the Omsk region

The police officers of Tara in the Omsk region on Thursday shot the bear, the locals at night found in the center of the village, according to the regional police department.

"The personnel of the police department on Tara District was alerted. The event to find a dangerous animal were also involved experts of MES and hunters. Established to detect signs of the alleged location of the bear area — Komsomolsk city park Tara," — said in a statement.

Law enforcement officers surrounded the park and put up armed positions around the perimeter of the park. "Due to the dense residential development of the area and the location close to child care centers, Head of the municipal district of Tarski presented a petition to the leadership of the district police station on Tara hunting animal production", — said the ATC.

The decision was taken, and "if all the precautions bear was shot and killed by members of the Internal Affairs of the service weapon."

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