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The leaders of the "Big Eight" again agreed to take "serious and urgent" measures

The problem of global warming is the best suited proverb — "a lot of words, so little things."

Since at least the mid-1990s, we hear that a person needs to urgently take drastic measures to curb the steadily creeping up the temperature of the planet. Millions of dollars are spent on gourmet snacks and champagne during high-level meetings. Hardly driven out of countries moneybags some vague promises for funds to fight climate change. And things are there.

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"We always thought that Kyoto is only a first step in this direction, but progress has been slow painful and dangerous. Governments, particularly in the northern hemisphere, continue to look at pollution through his fingers. I am convinced that there are some forces that are intentionally stalled the process ", — said Roger Higman, representative of the" Friends of the Earth. "

What's the problem? Who put a spoke in the wheel? Except for some individual countries in the world has finally established a consensus (at least at the national level) in regard to the recognition of the existence of the problem. However, the contradictions between the fat and hungry, between "today" and "tomorrow", between "mine" and "alien" is so strong, that the transition from words to action is still in its infancy.

"A lot of talk, and the situation is only getting worse. We're not even at the beginning. And the main obstacle is the current U.S. administration. This problem can be solved only by the whole world. And while the United States does not want to join in a common effort, we can not move this impact from the place, "- says Michael Le Page, editor of the prestigious scientific journal Newscientist, author of the recently published draft" Myths about the climate. "

Despite the absence of express enthusiasm at the White House on the fight against global warming, more and more states to promote local "green" reform. California was the first state to pass a law against the greenhouse effect. A documentary Bush's former rival in the election of Al Gore, "An Inconvenient Truth" may have had a greater impact on the minds of ordinary people around the world than all the articles together.

I do not believe even cut!

Have not yet invented a new energy source, all the "green" measures are doomed to unpopularity

At the same time, politicians are facing widespread popular skepticism. Moreover, it is common in all layers of the population — from official, struggling with sleep at a meeting on the climate, to the janitor, furiously sweeping the street with a broom (by the way, one of the most environmentally friendly tools) and which never occurred — from him, that's what they want?

There is another group of skeptics, we can say the militants. They do not believe in the principle of global warming. Some scientists do not believe that just 40 years ago claimed that the planet faces an ice age. Other subconsciously afraid of change: do not want to pay more taxes, to buy tickets more expensive prices, change their SUVs to compacts. They basically do not want to change their way of life for some mythical threat they the hard way not yet fully felt.

"As the ice age, while only a small group of researchers came to the conclusion that the Earth may again enter the Ice Age. Story was picked up and fanned by the press. Today the global warming scientists say thousands, tens of thousands of published studies. Investigation we observe changes climate with our own eyes, "- says Le Page.

Militant skeptics type is especially common in the U.S., because there it is fueled by the existence of almost official doctrine — "self comes first." Many believe the Kyoto Protocol fiction, half-measure or even unnecessary bureaucratic creation. True, we must not forget that it was the first attempt in history to create a kind of effective treaty to fight global warming, with an unprecedented number of countries. Quite possibly, the first pancake out lumpy.

"Kyoto — is nonsense, I do not see any clear scientific evidence that human activity is having on the Earth such influence. Thus we make unrealistic promises to give the country, which will inevitably have a negative impact on their economic development. Until we know who our enemy is, We can not declare war, "- says Professor at the University of Wisconsin Reid Bryson, who was one of the first scientists who reported a possible increase in temperature of the Earth in 1967. Today, Bryson is one of the few remaining skeptics of global warming.

With an eye on the U.S.

Britain was the cradle of the industrial revolution, we just began to burn coal. The share of "fault" in many poor countries is incomparably small compared to our own. This is a huge injustice

Roger Higman

Many are waiting for the U.S., positioning itself as a superpower, as an active role in the fight against climate change, as well as in other international issues. George W. Bush on the eve of the summit of "Big Eight" in Germany issued a statement saying that the U.S. is willing to take a leadership role in the fight against global warming. What is behind this statement is unclear, time will tell. One only has to note that, following the remarks by Bush, the head of NASA Administrator Michael Griffin said on national radio that it was not convinced that the problem of climate change is worth fighting for …

Developing countries, looking at the U.S. and Europe, only further turn in on themselves and assure the injustice of the world. Of course, those had built near factories, infrastructure, industrialize without regard to the notorious carbon dioxide, and they take the rap for them now. It will not work!

"Britain was the cradle of the industrial revolution, we just began to burn coal. The share of the" guilt "of many poor countries is incomparably small compared to our own. This is a huge injustice" — says Higman.

What about China and India, who do not think to look on the environment, while in the euphoria of the boom?

"These countries pollute the planet much less than the U.S., if you count the amount of harmful emissions per capita. And do not forget that if we do not do anything, it is those who are least to blame, will suffer the most," — explains Higman.

"Green" dreams of emperors

Those who are least to blame, will suffer the most

One gets the feeling that the problem of global warming, we are confronted with a surprising cynicism. "Green" strategy so popular among politicians, but more vague terms, such as "pay attention", "need to be taken," "do everything possible", it is not.

The bottom line is that it is not think of any revolutionary new energy source, all measures to combat climate change are doomed to disastrous unpopularity in society. They hit on the middle class, the same one who will come to vote for the politician in the next election. But this policy did not want to take with you into the history of such a heavy load. It is better to talk a couple of years, and before you know it and will carry.

"Politics has always been sick cynicism. However, here it should be emphasized that these measures are in fact much less than people think, and certainly undoubtedly a lot less than the future consequences of climate change," — said Higman.

Rumor is full of our town

The first thing to do — is to throw all the papers in the trash …

Further confusion to the situation makes careless press poorly versed in the essence of the subject. In pursuit of sensational headlines, the newspapers do not bother to find out who is behind the provocative statement, whose interests they represent.

"The press does not give us a complete picture of what is happening. Today published a report which suggests that the level of carbon dioxide is increasing much faster than predicted earlier. Tomorrow, the same newspaper published the opinion of a certain priest that is actually nothing not. If you really want to understand the situation, the first thing to do — is to throw all the papers in the trash and read the reports of organizations such as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, "- says Le Page.

Really, who to believe? Where to run? (Well, and what to do, of course). Then we are told that if we do nothing, then Greenland would raise anchor and start to drift at full speed to Europe. The fact is that the people here at all to do with it, and to blame the cosmic radiation.

You can often hear — our planet in the past experienced similar climate change, survive today.

If you really want to understand the situation, the first thing to do — is to throw all the papers in the trash and read the reports of organizations such as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Michael Le Page

"First, we now have exceeded all the peaks have been observed over the past 2 million years. Secondly, there was no such metropolises as New York or London, built at sea level," — says Le Page.

In fact, 55 million years ago the Earth was somewhat too hot, the water temperature in the Arctic Ocean than 23 degrees — bathe in milk. Just do not forget that during this period, which lasted for 200 thousand years, is related to the massive loss of life on the planet. 125 thousand years ago, is also a peak in carbon dioxide, similar to the one we see today. Only if sea level was eight meters above. This means that the territory in which the stretched our lovely coastal town, was resting in the water.

You can still see a fatalistic position — nothing changed, they say, too late to drink "Borjomi" … He remembered the way, that there is a Georgian version sayings, given at the beginning — namely, "the more words, the less the case." Maybe you should shut up and think about …

Source: http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/russian/news/newsid_6708000/6708211.stm

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