Pompeian volcano threatens a new judgment day

Supervolcano, hidden near the Italian Pompeii, can wake up and kill millions of people. This is the conclusion reached by scientists, noting that this is not the only potentially dangerous volcano — the other in the U.S., Indonesia, Japan and Siberia.

'Eruption could have global catastrophic consequences comparable to meteorite"- Said the Italian scientist Giuseppe De Natale. According to him, fortunately, the eruption at full power are extremely rare." But in some densely populated areas may be a slight rash, which also pose a risk to the public, "- he said.

Scientists note that the supervolcano near Pompeii is not the only one in the world. The largest supervolcano in North America is under Yellowstone Lake, the others are in Indonesia, Japan and Siberia.

The real danger supervolcano — in the ash, which is in huge quantities released into the atmosphere.
It creates a flap to sunlight, causing serious global climate change. This scenario is possible if a thermonuclear war. As a result of the cold temperature is established for many years, because of what the extinct millions of species.

It is believed that the volcano, which erupted about 250 million years ago, has led to the greatest extinction of life on Earth — have been destroyed 95% of all plants and animals. Some scientists believe that the dinosaurs 65 million years ago have died not because of an asteroid, and a volcanic eruption.

Meanwhile, most experts refer to such threats skeptical. In the U.S., estimated that threat of release of lava from the Yellowstone volcano is 0.00014%, writes Huffington Post. And some Italian experts believe that the probability of a volcanic eruption near Pompeii decreases with time.

Source: www.dni.ru

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