Porte-Avions 2 (PA2) new aircraft carrier of the French Navy

Porte-Avions 2 (PA2) new aircraft carrier of the French Navy

France plans to build a new aircraft carrier Porte-Avions 2 (PA2) in addition to the existing «Charles de Gaulle». Supposed to adopt it in 2015, in time for the output of an aircraft carrier «Charles de Gaulle» out of service for scheduled maintenance of its profound modernization.

PA2 will be able to develop the highest speed of 28 knots and a cruising range is equal to 10,000 miles at a speed of 15 knots. His crew will be 1720 people, including 620 aircrew and 100 operational staff.

 Porte-Avions 2 (PA2) new aircraft carrier of the French Navy
In January 2005, the French Ministry of Defense, through the defense procurement agency (DGA) has concluded the contract of € 100 million for the development of PA2 with DCNS and Thales Naval France. Initially planned to create PA2 based on the design of future aircraft carriers (CVF) Tsarskoye fleet England. Corresponding memorandum of understanding on the future of the Anglo-French aircraft carrier was signed on March 6th of 2006. Yet, in June of 2008, President Nicolas Sarkozy has stopped cooperation with Britain on this project. The final decision on the construction avinostsa for the French Navy had to be made in the period between the 2011th and 2012th years. In February 2009, the French government ordered to conduct research in the field of modern architecture and design of an aircraft carrier.

Porte-Avions 2 (PA2) new aircraft carrier of the French Navy

PA2 will be able to carry up to 40 aircraft, including 32 combat aircraft Rafale, three reconnaissance aircraft Hawkeye E-2C and 5 helicopters NH90. Ninety-meter steam catapult C13-2 will be able to overclock the plane to a speed of 150 knots. Catapult will be provided?? Auxiliary steam plant. The aircraft carrier will be able to run a plane every 30 seconds. For aircraft landing ship will be equipped aerobatsplanes Mk7 mod 4. Area flight deck will be 15,700 m? Hangars 4700 Sq. Capacity aviation fuel tanks will be 5,000,000 l .. planned to install active and passive stabilizing, which will contribute to increase the operational capacity of the ship at sea state up to 5/6 points.
Initial project involves equipping common carrier propulsion, but the version with the nuclear power plant is also considered. Rejection of nuclear power plant explained its overhead and the presence of natural limiter autonomy caused by the need to replenish jet fuel for aircraft. Drilling power plant would include an electronic propulsion system based on 2-gas turbines Rolls-Royce MT30 and 2-electronic rotary actuators. In September 2006, the French Navy decided to change the specification of the propulsion system with a view to increase speed of PA2 from originally planned 26 knots to 29 knots. Company Aker Yards, DCN Propulsion and Alstom, together with General Electric developed innovative propulsion system based on four gas turbines LM2500 + G4, rowing central shaft and 2-electronic rotary actuators.

As an additional weapons carrier will develop a eight settings Sylver vertical launch missile Aster, SLAT torpedo system and 20-millimeter automatic guns. Agreement on the integration of ASTER 15-SAAM received, EADS and its subsidiary MBDA. PA2 also will develop a built-in command and control (Combat Management System, CMS).

USS will develop a infrared and electro-optical sensors, radar and radar Héracles medium range.
The ship will develop a system of internal and external communications. Intercom contains HF, UHF and VHF radio. Outside link contains tactical data transmission line L11, L16 and L22. These communication lines provide high-speed real-time data exchange between systems, PA2, samoletomi Hawkeye, and other combat aircraft and helicopters.

Despite the fact that the French military budget for year 2008 was laid down about 3 billion euros, the construction of an aircraft carrier has not yet been started.

Length: 283 m
Large width: 70 m
Width waterline: 39 m
Draught 11.5 m
Crew 1000
Aircrew: 620
Operational staff: 100
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