Powerful earthquake in Japan are repeated every 600 years

Earthquake, similar to what happened in the northeast of Japan on March 11 this year, takes place in this area of the Pacific Ocean, about once every 600 years, the newspaper reported, "Yomiuri" referring to a commission to study earthquakes in the country's government.

Until now it was thought to established opinion that such a disaster in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Japan is not more than once in 1000 years. The rationale for this was preserved historical evidence of the earthquake 869.

After the March disaster was a detailed study of the traces of ancient tsunami sea mud and sand, shells and other layers on the surface of the rocks and hills. As a result, scientists have concluded that such a powerful earthquake and subsequent tsunamis occur in the area in the IV-III centuries BC, IV-V centuries BC, in 869 and in the XV century. So that struck Japan in March disaster, was the fifth in the last 2.5 thousand years. Scientists have suggested also that the magnitude of the next earthquake in the Pacific Ocean in the north-eastern part of Japan will be from 8.3 to 9.0.

The strength of the March disaster surpassed estimates of scientists. This was one of the main reasons for the large number of victims in areas that were thought to be able to reach the tsunami, even with the powerful earthquake. Unaccounted strength calculations tsunami caused the accident at the nuclear power plant "Fukushima-1": The project was designed for 5-meter waves, while in fact it is in the station more than 15 meters.

Earthquake of magnitude 9.0 occurred in the northeast of Japan on March 11 of this year and was officially named the "Great East Japan Earthquake." This was followed by a tsunami, the height and strength of which has surpassed all expectations. The height of water in some areas exceeded 30-meter mark. The disaster killed and missing are listed for more than 19 thousand people. About 93% of those killed were victims of a giant tsunami.

Source: eco.ria.ru.

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