Prediction of large earthquakes possible? Japan

Most scientists believe that earthquakes are inherently unpredictable, and reports of various kinds of signals, warning of the earthquake in a very tiny percentage are true. But a new study from the University of Hokkaido showed that it is possible harbinger of the devastating magnitude 9 earthquake in Japan March 11, 2011 was the ionosphere.

Analysis of data from the Japanese GPS network has shown an increase of the total electron content (TEC) in the ionosphere above the focal region for about 40 minutes before the earthquake.

PEC increase was about 8 percent higher electron content background. PEC was most directly in the epicenter of the earthquake and decreased with distance from the epicenter.

The researcher, whose report is published in the journal Journal of Geophysical Research Letters ,
also analyzed GPS records from previous earthquakes and found that similar ionospheric anomalies occurred in 2010: the 8.8-magnitude earthquake in Chile may magnitude earthquake in Sumatra.

Although previous studies have shown that the earthquake could trigger atmospheric waves, which move up and disturb the ionosphere, but it is unclear how ionospheric disturbances may occur before an earthquake begins.

Scientists agree that more research is needed to verify that the PEC may indeed be a precursor of large earthquakes.

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