Problems on servers Akamai shocked the whole network




Problems on the DNS-servers, Akamai's led to the temporary unavailability of such large resources such as Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and many other sites.

According to the Internet Storm Center, the problems started somewhere at 12:30 GMT (16:30 MSK), when people around the world suddenly could not get through to Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Apple, Federal Express and other no less significant servers. Despite the fact that the site could stop by typing in the address bar, something like «», adding to the usual address «www» browser resulted in a state of mild stupor. Administrators of some affected sites took about two hours to transfer their records to the DNS-servers Akamai on their own machines, but some of the resources, as you know, is still available to visitors or opens the second time in the third.

What's going on with Akamai, which accounts for 15% of all network traffic, it is not clear: DNS-car companies respond to pings, but refuse to serve DNS-requests. Employees of the magazine The Register, the same callers to the service department of the company, said that Akamai technology do not quite imagine the reason for the disaster befell the service and can not say for sure, but when it resumes normal operation.

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