Project to receive recyclables in Moscow and St. Petersburg will be extended to 2014

 The project is to receive from the population of secondary raw materials and packaging, which is renewed in February at different points in Moscow and St. Petersburg, under the slogan "Packages to give up", will run until the end of 2013, according to the project partners, the company "Tetra Pak" and "Field of the environment."

"In both cities, we have chosen to 12 addresses where our cars will meet you on the schedule. Our project is supported and implemented with the help of our partners — LLC" Field Ecology "in Moscow and the environmental movement" separate collection "in St. Petersburg" . Please bring in the folded packaging and pure, "- said in a statement.

Action is a continuation of the campaign to receive Tetra Pak, which took place from March to November 2012, when in Moscow, Moscow and St. Petersburg have been collected and sent for recycling more than 150,000 packages.

This year's list received recycled expanded — in addition to beverage cartons will be made by plastic, glass, aluminum and tin cans, and paper and paperboard. Those who could not produce useful waste from mobile can take them to the daily work items separate collection "field of ecology" and "separate collection".

"Our project is aimed at attracting the attention of people of the two largest cities in Russia to question the need for a separate collection of waste to deal with recycling. Recycling saves natural resources, reduces waste and reduces the load on the environment," — the organizers.

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