Promising Russian fighters get a head-glazing with nano

Scientific and Production Enterprise "Technology" (Obninsk, Kaluga region) offers The latest developments in the field of nano-coating for the latest Russian fighters, Deputy General Director of NPP "Technology" Oleg Commissioner. "Nanostructured optical multi-coating to reduce glare glass cover, reduce heat radiation and visibility on the radar screens of the enemy" — said A. Commissioner at the 12th International Forum "High-tech 21st century" in Moscow.

He noted that the NPP "Technology" specializes in the design and manufacture of composite and ceramic materials, and glazing of high-speed vehicles, primarily for military and civilian aircraft use. According to him, the company for fighters Su-35 and T-50 (Fighter of the 5th generation) delivers no glass, and inflicts upon them a special coating. "Applied nano-coatings are developing enterprise" technology, "which makes them" — said O. Commissioner.

He said that earlier the NPP "Technology" has a small laboratory chambers, and three years ago the company has introduced a great big camera over 2 meters for the production of coatings. O.Komissar stressed that "technology and coatings for application to the glazing light fighter in Russia does not have any other company."

According to him, the NPP "Technology" successfully implemented in the civil sector of its military development. In particular, the NPP "technology" makes selikatnoe windshield glazing for civil and military aircraft. In addition, up to half of Russian trains have windshield glazing production enterprise "technology." The company also offers high-strength, heated, anti-mist windscreens for subway trains.

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