Property prices: What to expect?

In May, the situation in the property market, we can say, frozen in anticipation. The abundance of the May holidays more relaxed customers, then when strong currency fluctuations, on the other hand, made the market a little shake. Despite all this, the real estate prices currently remain more or less stable.

More specifically, following the experts, it was a noticeable drop in property prices class "economy." But on the more expensive real estate market situation is more complex. Vendors show a clear desire to inflate prices, but relatively low, predictable and today, demand results in an adjustment of prices under the buyer.

As for the new buildings of Moscow, the average price before the onset of summer is slightly increased, and this according to one of the departments of MIEL was about 214 rubles per square meter. meter or 1.5 percent compared to the beginning of the year. Housing prices of secondary market remained stable.

It should be noted that the average price — it is a very relative measure, which gives us a little information about specific cases. On the other hand, it allows you to clearly see the direction of price movements and trends. Profitable, fast and without much effort or hassle Buy apartment will Estates, which is bound to take into account your wishes about the area or price.

Traditionally, housing is classified into three segments: luxury, business class and economy class. But there are companies that can crush the segments into smaller to affect the interests of all subgroups of society and further orient them in price and characteristics of their future housing.

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