Rabies virus was detected in wild animals in Yakutia

Veterinarians discovered in Yakutia animal cases of rabies virus, according to Department of Veterinary Medicine of the Republic.

The virus is found in the study sample materials animals introduced from Tomponsky, Abyyskogo Nizhnekolymskiy and Yakutia.

"As a result of research materials from ermine, red fox, wolf, brought from the villages of Cross-Haldzhay, Aby and settlement Chersky, experts Yakut republican virology laboratory diagnosis — rabies," — said in a statement.

Veterinary Service of the Republic takes measures to prevent the spread of rabies.

The Office notes that the leaders of livestock and pet owners are required to check their pets at veterinary hospitals, do not let them in private households, farms, herds, flocks and herds.

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