Railway accidents in the Chelyabinsk region. Video


11.08.11.Iz-this train accident in the Chelyabinsk region 21 passenger train routes launched by the district, according to the Railways.

12 trains will proceed through the section "Ufa-Beloretsk", another — in part "Kinel-Orenburg." "Our specialists are doing their best to
reduce the time delay of trains ", — assured the representative of the Russian Railways.

He also called on citizens to "clarify the time of arrival of data in a single train inquiry service by phone 8-800-775-00-00", ITAR-TASS reported.

In Railways reminded that as a result of the accident in the Chelyabinsk region derailed 69 cars of coal. The incident occurred at 16:58 Moscow time at the Kuibyshev Railway.

"There was a gathering of cars of freight train N2707. According to preliminary data from the 69 derailed cars with coal, "- said the source. According to him, "the movement on the stretch is suspended." Causes of the accident are being investigated.

Source: Lead

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