Rare natural phenomenon in Ireland

Something dense, vibrant, altering the shape of a traveler photographed from Norway. Scientists call this term Murmuration. The rare beauty of the natural phenomenon could see a couple of traveler from Norway, a guest in Ireland. Tourists rented a boat and sailed to the south-west of the country on one of the islands to look at the old church. Suddenly shot up in front of them a thick, vibrant, altering the shape of the dense bird passes NTV.ru.
A giant swarm of starlings circling above was taken aback by Norwegians few minutes. "We just caught her breath from this beauty," — said the girl Norwegian edition VG. My friend did not get lost, got the camera and took off a little excited birds. When the guys put the video in the network, display, in their stories, had accumulated more than 3.5 million, and it's less than a week.
Before bird eclipsed the sky and tell traveler, they felt that approaching storm. And the disturbing nature became, the more and more grew swarm of black birds. The flock started, the island unbearable smell of bird droppings — apparently chosen his long starlings suggest tourists. And it is terrible to imagine what the hubbub is on a deserted island in calm weather!
Online you can find many of these cases — the user describes this phenomenon as follows: in the sky all of a sudden there is some huge, scary monster and alive, as if ready to attack. Biologists call this term Murmuration bird behavior and suggest that starlings gather to colonies, and indeed represent a formidable creature, protecting themselves from predators. Another version — performing this ritual, starlings are sharing the necessary information.
Source: planeta.moy.su.

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