RAS: In 2012, the Sun mad, a catastrophe waiting U.S. and Canada

In 2012, the increase in solar activity can lead to a series of man-made disasters nand the U.S. and Canada, told reporters the director of the Institute of Space Research, RAS Academician Lev Zeleny.
According to the scientist, the data obtained in recent years after Canadian researchers Solar Flares,
indicate that during this period out of action a few transformers. Thus, the consequences of outbreaks can be unpredictable.

As noted academician, speaking at a round table on space activities, in the following year the inhabitants of the Earth can be expected technological problems, as experts predict a strong emission of plasma on the sun, according to RIA Novosti. Leo Green said that while in Russia in 2012, scientists do not expect any extreme events due to increased solar activity, monitoring our scientists conduct still necessary.

The scientist said that in the summer of 2011 is scheduled to run the research station "Radiostron" which will explore including solar activity. According to the academician, "Radiostron" will help, although at long intervals, to monitor the atmosphere between the Earth and the Sun. About two hours beforeflares satellite can fix it.

The head of the Space Research Institute of the system to predict the increase in solar activity in Russia. But 2012 is unlikely to be extreme for the Russians — the assurance of the Green Lion, in this period will center geomagnetic effects on the U.S. and Canada.

Only after 50-70 years solar activity has grown up and manifest itself in Russia, especially in Siberia, will move to the so-called "geomagnetic cap", concluded the scientist.

Recall that Russian scientists had previously reassured Russians concerning 2012, but then it was, and that no special hazards and throughout the earth. As stated last fall, director of the Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism, Ionosphere and Radio Wave Propagation, Vladimir Kuznetsov, which began in 2008, the 24th cycle of solar activity is unlikely to bring in 2012, some disasters for humans.

At the same time, the scientists point out that from 2012 to 2014 is expected to solar maximum for the 11-year cycle. According to the scientist, which took place before the 2010 outbreak, its capacity was about 100 times less than the fixed earlier.

Source: planeta.moy.su.

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