Rats overrun Paris


PARIS, Feb. 19. In the heart of Paris today live four times more rats than people. This writes the Austrian newspaper Der Standard, with reference to Le Parisien.

The number of rats in the center of the French capital has grown over the past 5 years, 40% to "herd" of 6 million Due to the cold winter and fall of the water level in the Seine rats fleeing from sewer systems to the surface, reports InoPressa.

Many blame the invasion of rats in numerous construction sites. In particular, a large-scale modernization of the station called San Lazaro, which, as emphasized by the critics of the Paris City Hall has led to the fact that rats can now be found even in the ministries, chic restaurants and luxury hotels. Allegedly, one in four fires caused by the aggressive rodents gnaw electrical cables.

Restaurants already required by law to make war with the rats.

Benefit from the invasion so far only company producing and selling tools for pest control and sanitary preparations.

The situation is much better off in Vienna, writes Der Standard. According to the municipal government of Vienna for every person on the Austrian capital now accounts "of 0.5 to one rat", which distinguishes Vienna, for example, from New York, where each inhabitant to 15 rats.


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