Rearmament SRF

In the Strategic Missile Forces completes upgrade to the new missile complex "Topol-M" is the largest hospital-based SRF in Taman Order of the October Revolution, Red Banner Division in Tatischevo (Saratov region).

"This was reported by the commander of the Strategic Missile Forces, Lieutenant General Sergei Karakayev during the solemn meeting with members of the Military Council of the Strategic Missile Forces and veterans of the Great Patriotic War, which took place today in the main garrison near Moscow RVSN Vlasikha" — official representative of the press service of the Defense Ministry and the information on Strategic Missile Forces, Colonel Vadim Koval.

Also, according to the commander, continued upgrading to a new road-mobile missile system of the fifth generation of "yars" Guards Missile Division of the Order of Kutuzov in Teykovo (Ivanovo region). Traditionally, the May 9 military equipment and missile regiment of the missile division, will take part in the Victory Day parade on Red Square in Moscow.

To re-missile system "Yars" planned by a number of other missile formations.

Also commander reminded that on duty in constant combat readiness are about 6 thousand people, "ready at any time to perform military orders to launch missiles."

Speaking to veterans Karakayev noted that about 70 rockets and units inherited Battle Banners, honorary titles and state awards, which were marked by the heroism and valor of Soviet soldiers in the battles of World War II. 39 missile units and units for the continuity of the guards got the name. "These Guards Missile Division and the Army and now, being in the battle of the Missile Forces, continue to successfully meet the challenges of protecting our country," — said Karakayev.

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