Record damage from fires in Denver

Firefighters did not manage to cope with burning an area of 220.15 km2 of forests to the north of Colorado, although working teams sent additional units. Destroying at least 181 residential building fire in High Park, 24 km from Fort Collins, has already surpassed the scale of the devastation a fire in September 2010 in Boulder (169 homes).

Starting from June 9 1.5 thousand fire was brought under control only 20% of the burning area. According to the most optimistic forecasts, able to cope with the fire until July, as in Colorado continues to retain the heat and dry weather. The only success for the entire period of fire fighting was the elimination of fire to the north of the river La powder, covers an area of 80 hectares.

The only hope of residents of the state may be the appearance rains that briefly can look to the north of Colorado. So far, only encourages the use of additional air assets can save the situation, on the verge of disaster.

In Arizona and New Mexico as the struggle with the vast forests of ignition, established at the beginning of June. These states, like Colorado, have great difficulty extinguishing the fire spread rapidly through the heat dried vegetation.


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