Record heat in Austria

Over the past week the Austrian air at the last day of June, warmed up to +37,7 ° C. Such abnormally high temperature is not fixed in the last 250 years. That is, from the start of meteorological records.Central European country with its neighbors, is experiencing record warm summer days. However, in Austria there are already the first victims of such excesses of temperature, even in animals. So, on one of the poultry farms, gasping from the heat, died 5000 of newly hatched chicks.

All of them were trying to find a way out of the barn, which was very hot, despite the installed air conditioners. But outside air was not cool, as expected animals. In the eastern part of Austria thermometer lately kept at around +35 ° C. Total farm is about 30,000 birds, and the owners are hoping for a miracle that will save us from the heat of the remaining young and adult animals.


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