Record onslaught of hurricanes

Atlantic hurricane season in 2012 barely begun, and already set a record.

Fortunately, the achievement of the season is not prohibitive wind speeds, the destruction and loss of life.

Season is unusual in that it has begun intense than usual. One after the other in the Atlantic formed several depressions that have fallen into the category of tropical storms.

Now the sea is raging for four of them — "Debbie." "Observations are conducted with the hurricanes of 1851, and the first time in half a century, just four tropical storms have formed in the ocean in the period before July 1," — said the representative of the National Hurricane Center meteorologist Dennis Feltgen.

Scientists immediately stipulate that a century ago there was no such precise monitoring tools, what are the satellites. May once have occurred so rapidly and seasons. In any case, the official season in 2012 has already written himself into the history of meteorology record onslaught. The rapid start to the season did not shake the views of forecasters for its continuation.


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