Red Dragon has awakened

Red Dragon has awakened 

Chinese news agency Xinhua published a ranking of the most important events in China for 2012. The fourth row of the list took China’s success in the military field. This year, the Chinese are actively kerf in the struggle with Japan and with a number of countries in Southeast Asia over disputed areas of the East China and South China Seas. The apotheosis of this confrontation was Adopt the first Chinese aircraft carrier «Liaoning», built on the basis of treasury Ukrainian aircraft carrier «Varyag».

When our state sign «Aurora» sewage flooded with sewage when in the Barents Sea after many years of overhaul «broke» aircraft carrier «Admiral Gorshkov» when the helicopter Ka-27 fell to the deck languid nuclear missile cruiser «Peter the Great», China spent on the high seas 10s trials with carrier-based aircraft.

The fate of Russian «Varyag», renamed in honor of the Chinese northeastern provinces, where carried out its modernization, just sad, like other Russian carriers destroyed. In the 93 th year of unfinished cruiser departed Ukraine, where was mothballed due to lack of funds to build on areas of the Black Sea shipyard in the town of Nikolayev. In 1998, the Chinese company «Chong Lot Travel Agency Ltd» just 20 million dollars bought «Varyag» of Ukraine in Tipo «on the needles.»

In the history of shipbuilding, this event has become a typical «Guinness record» as built acquire 70% carrier for such a ridiculous amount just unreal. By the way, only the modernization of India sold «Gorshkov» has cost 2.3 billion dollars. A cost of one such floating base in the United States exceeds 10 billion dollars.

Due to the ongoing collapse of the Russian military-industrial complex deep modernization of China pursues its own army and navy. In connection with this new Chinese aircraft carrier applets first time will be used for the training of crews and professionals, and for naval exercises. And already in 2020, as stated by the PRC government, China will complete the construction of several types of such own ships. Occurrence in the Pacific newest aircraft carrier groups markedly stronger effect on the balance of forces in the region, where the major carriers 10 NATO nations.

«China needs to break the naval blockade imposed by international forces. And only after this puzzles, we can talk about the revival of China. Future majestic China will rise from the ocean «- said in its own report, political commissar of the Academy of Military Sciences of the People’s Liberation Army of China (PLA) General Wen Tsongren.

China rapidly diversifying its military technology, and its industrial espionage does not know for themselves equal. Even without purchasing of imported models of weapons «on trial», the Chinese manage to create a clear copy of both Russian and NATO weapons. So RZSO Russian «Smerch» in the Chinese army called «A-100″ air defense system «FD-2000» recalls our «S-300», French SAM «Crotale» in China — «Hongqi-7», the Swiss anti-aircraft gun «Oerlikon GDF »-« Type 90 «, etc.

Naturally, one may speculate that the Chinese counterparts Russian weapons can not stand any competition with the Russian prototype. But, unlike the Russian Federation, China is able to provide copies of these numerous relevant content. «In Russia, came to the fact that troops Aerospace Defense damn lacking ammunition. On the S-300 falls least 1st set of missiles in a single installation, and should be two left «- not so long ago, the general said the army, the last Air Force Commander Anatoly Kornukov.

Last Russian cruiser was a good foundation for the future creation of the aircraft carrier fleet PRC. In 5 years, Chinese engineers and scientists have only studied the «Varyag», and in 2007 the State Committee for the Defence Science and Technology of China officially announced that China is capable of without the help of others to build an aircraft carrier. In addition, not so long ago, it became clear that the commander «Liaoning» Captain Li Xiaoyan just a few years ago graduated from the Naval Academy. NG Kuznetsova, a thesis Chinese officer has just been devoted to the strategy carrier strike groups.

«The statements of PRC authorities to build its own nuclear aircraft carrier fleet entirely due, as China’s booming defense industry, no doubt, pull these expensive projects. We were in such a situation where just have to build aircraft carriers. Without Our homeland is not able to participate in local conflicts and to exert political pressure on other countries, «- said Nikolai Beginners, editor news agency ARMS-TASS.

At the same time, some Russian military bureaucrats openly in favor of the introduction of foreign parts in the Russian shipbuilding. «If the Russian Defense Ministry management believe in the potential of Russian shipbuilders, and trust them to design and construction of modern warships, it would be an indicator of the return of Russia to the status of majestic power. But perfectly clear that in the current time Defense Ministry are increasingly cooperating with foreign companies for the purchase of advanced military technologies «- writes Richard Weitz, Senior Fellow and Director of the Center for Military and Political Analysis at the Hudson Institute in Washington.

So last year the then commander of the Russian Navy Admiral Vladimir Vysotsky, who claimed to see the ability to install new Russian warships of imported diesel engines, ventilation systems and weapons, namely French and Italian artillery. These statements were made against the background of ongoing tests if the latest Russian naval guns A-192m «Armat».

«Further purchases of foreign weapons will lead to the ultimate degradation of our military-industrial complex, and if we now turn to the purchase of ship engines, and we will bury the shipbuilding industry», — said Captain 1st Rank Konstantin Sivkov.

While Communist China intensively copies foreign weapons and technology to their self-production, the same Russian favorites, incidentally buying French Mistral, can not determine with the creation of the Russian aircraft carrier plans. In 2008, President Dmitry Medvedev read about the ability of such construction fleet. Soon Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov denied the report, noting that the military plans to build aircraft carriers does not come. His words were confirmed by Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov.

But already this year on its own press conference on July 26, a journalist’s question about a brand new aircraft carrier of the Russian Navy Commander Vice Admiral Viktor Chirkov made a diametrically reverse statement: «The technical design of a new aircraft carrier for the Russian Navy currently being developed in accordance with the state program of armaments to 2020. A particular question of construction of the ship will undergo consideration only after 2020. «

Spokesman for the United Shipbuilding Company Andrey Kravchenko in a telephone conversation confirmed this information: «Undoubtedly, Russia needs nuclear aircraft carriers, but such vessels is not alone, either of them is necessary to ensure this assault group consisting of cover ships, submarines and aircraft . Also need to make a real land base for these compounds. » According to the views of a professional in the Russian Federation We have the capacity to implement such a project, but so far it only at the discussion stage in the higher echelons of power. The press service of «Sevmash» to a question about the planned construction of aircraft carriers responded that this company can not understand it.

In a situation in which Our homeland is not able to maintain even their old Russian aircraft carriers, sold out at the hotel or sawn for scrap, talk about the construction of new ships is still very early. Yesterday’s superpower occupies 22th place in the world in-built places for ships. In this regard, are independent military experts believe that if a similar project is implemented, it will complicate the construction of infrastructure wrecked MIC. In the USSR, such ships were laid at the shipyards in the town of Nikolayev, which now belongs to Ukraine. Carriers can build on the «Sevmash», but only by modular assembly.

Even the flagship of Russian Navy aircraft carrier «Admiral Kuznetsov» has its base. Aircraft carrier, being in Severomorsk costs at a mooring. Over 20 years of operation shock wing cruiser was never one hundred percent staffed, as well as never formed a compound present carrier force.

Suspend the process of growth of military-technical potential of China is unrealistic. Upgrading distraught own pace MIC, and, namely, creating its aircraft carrier fleet, the PLA further guarantees for the safety of themselves from U.S. intervention in its probable local border disputes with Taiwan, Japan and Russia. According to the latest military doctrine only maritime security zone goes to China two thousand miles into the Pacific «to ensure the public interest of indigenous PRC.»

The last commander of the famous 58th Army Lieutenant General Viktor Sobolev believes that Russian Armed Forces are now unable to resist the eastern friend: «All our army now — it’s 39 teams, it’s about 10 divisions. For comparison, in June 41st, we had more than three divisions. And from Ulan-Ude to Belogorska 3 thousand km of the border with the PRC generally costs only one brigade. Upcoming Chinese will not even find a handful of our soldier in the woods. After Transsiberian is cut enemy reinforcements for Ural gets its course in just two and a half months. «

To coexist on an equal footing with the powerful neighbor, Russia 1st of nuclear weapons is not enough. Key to maintaining the military balance in the Far East is the creation of a massive aircraft carrier fleet, ready to defend national interests in at least some part of the globe. Can our homeland after two decades of vague, pull this expensive project that requires not only solving complex organizational issues, and the political will to control the country, time will tell. But we should not forget that in most China systematically exaggerated topic about 5 million square kilometers of Chinese land «occupied by foreign countries.»

Article creator — Roman Akol’zin

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