Refuge in Yucatan, to survive the apocalypse

August 30, 2010. In northern Mexico, the mysterious Yucatan built mysterious city to save its people from all sorts of disasters and threats, says Paolo Manzi in an article published in the newspaper La Stampa.

Italian group of 70 people, whose names have not been established, decided to escape from the meeting to the end of the world, which, according to advocates of the theory of catastrophes, should come in 2012. "At least, according to the ancient Mayan legend, often inspired the Hollywood writers' — the newspaper writes.

Two years ago in the Yucatan were purchased 800 hectares of land, and a few months later there was built a miniature city, Las Aguilas. The town is surrounded by mountains and forests. Located next to the ancient Mayan settlement Kiuik, which gives even more mystery to the atmosphere of suspense that prevails in the area.

Local press and interested residents of the town, alarmed immigration authorities and centers to investigate sectarian activities. As a result of the investigation it was found that some Italians have requested or received Mexican citizenship. Italians rarely leave their shelter. And according to the mayor of the nearby town, is rich: they built a beautiful house.

Las Aguilas was built designed by local architect Karina Valle. 24 buildings have a wall thickness of 60 cm, made of special materials that can protect against sudden changes of temperature, radiation, fire or flood. The architect said that "Italians do not think that will be the end of the world, but in 2012, referred to in the Mayan prophecies may be a year of disasters, so they decided to take refuge here to protect." The head of the project is an Italian psychologist, who is currently in Veracruz, where they can accumulate spiritual energy.

"In other words, as it was on the eve of 2000, catastrophe theory again stirs the collective imagination. And it is not necessary to go to Mexico to come up with original solutions. Company Matex Security Projects, registered in Pontedera, Italy, builds antiapokalipsicheskie bins — very real refuge in case of nuclear attack, floods, chemical and bacteriological attacks. According to the Matex, with the approach of 2012 one thousand people ordered custom designs are extremely expensive bins, "- says the publication.

On materials: La Stampa
Source: Inopressa


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