Regions in China suffering from drought

Some of the southern regions of China are suffering from drought. Bad weather caught people off guard Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and the neighboring province of Guizhou. Nearly 700,000 people are affected by an acute shortage of drinking water. Details — in the next chapter.

"May 10, precipitation is expected." Weather forecasters for residents in the south and west of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, sounds like a death sentence. They are sad to look to the north and east of the region — a few days there were heavy rains and hail. If I could drop fell on this parched land! The average temperature is 2-3 degrees higher than last spring, and the amount of precipitation in the 30-50 percent less.

A prolonged drought in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region suffered six counties, problems with water shortages have more than 200 thousand people. Agriculture suffered a lot of damage — destroyed more than 30 thousand hectares of crops.

"As a rule, plants show leaf 7.10 a month, but now we see only three. Plants can survive, but they are too weak for growth. "

No better than the situation in the neighboring province of Guizhou. Heatwave disrupt your normal life more than half a million people. From lack of water affects not only people, but animals — 165 000 head of cattle to feed and water their time. The local government has mobilized to fight against the elements more than 100 thousand people, including soldiers and firefighters. They are on special machines deliver water to the affected regions. According to weather forecasts, rainfall Guizhou Province will see or next week.

Source: CNTV

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