Residents will see a meteor rain Buryatia

Giant asteroid safely passed Earth. Internet public in the past two months, was thrilled by the news that the planet is moving 400 meter chunk of space. They hotly discussed a possible drop, which may occur in the Baikal region.

But, according to researcher at the Department of Astronomy BSU Watch this space guest, rumors were too exaggerated.

Lily Mironov, head of the astronomy department of the Belarusian State University, "Open it for a long time, in 2005, so six years after it was observed in minute detail. He will approach us another 5 years in 2015, 16, 18, 20, 26 year, but at that distance it is no longer fit ever.

Well, that's all this excitement stems from the fact that for the last 200 years, to a distance no one came to us — that's a foreign body that size. On average, there are asteroids in diameter several meters, rarely — a few tens of meters, and then — 400 meters. "

Space is amazing — the inhabitants of Buryatia can see this. Lily Mironov said that 17, 18, and especially 19 November Leonids meteor shower will occur, at which time the sky will be visible from 20 to 50 shots per hour. Then on December 10 the whole Buryatia see the so-called "Night of the Red Moon" — will total lunar eclipse.

The climax in the run up to Christmas will be the night of 23 December. Residents will see a meteor shower Gemenidy Buryatia, one hour in the sky will be seen flashes of 100 or more meteors.

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