Results of the World Forum on natural disasters

Exclusive interview for Professor Elchin Khalilov — the Chairman of the World Forum on natural disasters — GEOCATACLYSM-2011.

WORLD FORUM ON natural cataclysms complete work

Completed the work of the World Forum on the theme: "Natural disasters and global problems of modern civilization", which took place in Congress — the center of Istanbul Lutfi Kyrdar from 19 to 21 September 2011. We asked to comment on the results of the Forum Chairman of the World Forum, the President of the International Committee on Global Change and Environment Geological GEOCHANGE (Germany), Professor Elchin Khalilov.

Elchin Aliyev, how do you evaluate the past in Istanbul World Forum on natural disasters?

Elchin Khalilov

First of all, I want to provide a summary of the forum itself. World Forum — International Congress "GEOCATACLYSM-2011" was held from 19 to 21 September 2011 in the prestigious Congress Centre Lutfi Kyrdar, located in the cultural and historical heart of Istanbul's European side.

The main founders of the World Forum were:

-International Committee on Global Change and Environment Geological GEOCHANGE (Munich, Germany);
-Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow, Russia);
-Chronobiological Center after Halberg of the University of Minnesota (Minneapolis, MN, USA);
-International Academy of Sciences (Innsbruck, Austria)
-Pakistan Academy of Sciences (Islamabad, Pakistan);
-University "ONDOGGUZ MAYYS" (Samsun, Turkey);
-The World Organization for Scientific Cooperation WOSCO (Munich, Germany);
-Global Network for the Forecasting of Earthquakes GNFE (London, England)

The World Forum was attended by scientists from more than 30 countries worldwide. During the congress, an exhibition, which demonstrated advancements in science and technology, as well as personal pavilions known scientists — Honorary President of the Congress Prof. Dr. Franz Halberg — Honorary Director of the Centre chronobiological Halberg (University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, USA) and the Russian Academy Academy of Sciences, Professor Victor Khain (Moscow State University. University, Moscow, Russia).

Exhibition Forum geochangeThe exhibition demonstrated: Station earthquake prediction ATROPATENA CRYSTAL (Kh11), a new technology of earthquake engineering «Dancing Building Technology», new specialized social network for education and training of people to natural disasters, Products based on natural zeolite to reduce the negative effects of natural hazards to human health and other technologies.

During the congress, worked the following sections: Special Section "Predicting earthquakes — 2011", Section of Earth Sciences, Section of Cosmo-Terrestrial Relations, BIOKOS and Chronobiology, Health Section, Section construction, The Economics, Finance and International Law, Section of Emergency Management; Section of Ecology and Environment.

Heard more than 200 reports of the congress participants on the problems of forecasting and the study of earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis and other natural disasters, mitigate the effects of disasters on human health, the influence of solar activity and cosmic factors on human health and biological rhythms, the problems of the economy and the international rights in emergency situations, the problems of management of emergency situations, etc.

At the end of the plenary session of the forum was shown a 45-minute documentary, specially assembled a working group of the Organizing Committee of the Congress under the title: "The catastrophic earthquake and tsunami in Japan on 11 March 2011." The film, created on the basis of documentary footage obtained by the organizing committee of Japan, shook all members of Congress, many of whom were deeply worried by what they saw. Actual events terrible disaster that killed tens of thousands of lives, forced to shudder scientists who have devoted their life to the study of natural disasters. Last call in the film's credits did not leave anyone indifferent, "We pray for the people of Japan, but this is not enough for salvation." At the request of a large number of members of Congress and members of the board, this film will be put on the website of the World Forum of Open Access for download: Participants from Japan expressed appreciation to the organizing committee for the demonstration of the film, causing the universal sympathy and solidarity with the people of Japan .

Who of prominent scientists took part in the World Forum, and on what they focused their attention?

Left to right: Prof. Yoshishika Watanabe (Japan), Prof.. Vitaly Starostenko (Ukraine), Prof.. Atta-ur-Rahman (Pakistan), Prof. Nikolai Laverov (Russia), Prof.. Elchin Khalilov (Azerbaijan), Prof.. Franz Halberg (USA), Prof.. Ahmet Bulut (Turkey), Prof.. Genghis Toklu (Turkey).


If we talk about the most famous scientists, I would like to list all of the members of the Presidium of the Congress:

I want to start with a wonderful plenary lecture honorary chairman of the forum, Professor Franz Halberg — a prominent American scientist — founder of the science "Chronobiology" Honorary Director of the Centre chronobiological name Halberg of the University of Minnesota (USA), who led a delegation of scientists from the U.S. Congress and the Section "Cosmo-terrestrial relations , Chronobiology and BIOKOS program. "

His report, along with a group of scientists from the U.S., Japan, India, Saudi Arabia, Greece, Germany and Italy at the plenary session of the Congress, has made a big impression on the forum, as it was dedicated to the very topical subject — an international multilingual interdisciplinary databases on the Internet to monitor and control the influence of cosmic and geophysical factors on the physiological condition and health. The report profiles. Halberg presented irrefutable evidence of pressure, rhythm of the heart and brain, as well as other physiological parameters of people before the catastrophic earthquake, for example, before the earthquake in Japan. He showed the presence of the same rhythm in the physiological processes of man and of natural and cosmic processes, for example, solar activity cycles, seismic and other geophysical parameters. Report by Professor Fantsa Halberg eloquently demonstrated to participants how closely together, man and nature, and how much space and the impact of natural processes on the lives and health of mankind. Professor Hallberg asked the World Forum, inviting appropriate request of Congress in the United Nations and the World Health Organization to support these areas of research and related programs.

Academician, Professor. Nikolai Pavlovich Laverov — Vice-President of the Russian Academy of Sciences, President of the National Center for Development of Innovative Technologies of the Russian Federation and Chairman of the Expert Committee on Environmental Safety Security Council Forum participants conveyed greetings of the President of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Academician Yuri Osipov Sergeyevich. At the plenary session of the Congress Academician NP Laverov gave a detailed report and presentation on "Natural and man-made disasters: challenges and threats to sustainable development." In its report, Academician NP Laverov gave irrefutable evidence of the steady increase in the number and energy of natural disasters and the resulting large-scale man-made disasters, representing a major threat to mankind. All this is a source of profound social, economic and technological upheaval, a large number of casualties or damage. Threatening consequences of the growth of natural and man-made disasters lead to an increasing need for coordination of international efforts in the development and implementation of technologies and systems for predicting and monitoring the impending danger, risk assessment and disaster management.

Academician, Professor. Atta-ur-Rahman — Co-President of the Congress, the President of the Pakistan Academy of Sciences, General Coordinator of the Committee on Science and Technology Organization of Islamic Cooperation (Islamabad, Pakistan) addressed the plenary session with a presentation and paper entitled "Natural disasters — quality human resources, which will eventually have a value." He described the experience of his tenure as Minister of Science and Technology — Higher Education of Pakistan from 2000 to 2008. He reported more attention paid to the Pakistan Science and Education. For example, in Pakistan, Professor salary is $ 5000, which is five times the salary of federal ministers. For teachers and professors in the universities established tax benefits — the payroll tax is reduced by 75%. More than $ 1 billion annually is spent on youth training abroad. Other comments are indications of a very high rate of development of science and education in Pakistan. It was also pointed out the need to focus the most attention on the areas of education, which are associated with reduced risks and impacts of natural disasters.

Honorary Co-President of the Congress, the President of the International Academy of Sciences, Academician, Professor. Walter Kofler (Innsbruck, Austria) In his speech at the plenary session of the World Forum, emphasized the importance for the international community integration of scientists from different countries to develop a common strategy and tactics in an era of increasing natural disasters around the world. He spoke about the extensive activities of the International Academy of Sciences in this direction, programs such as forecasting and the study of earthquakes, earthquake engineering new technology, new medicines to increase immunity in areas of natural disasters and building resilience and the human body to stress based on natural minerals and etc. Professor Walter Kofler praised held in Istanbul World Forum and noted its special role in bringing scientists from different countries to jointly develop a program of action.

Participants of the forum

Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the Congress, Academician Vitaly Starostenko-director of the Institute of Geophysics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (Kiev, Ukraine) in his speech to the Congress participants noted the special role of the World Forum on natural disasters to develop a common plan of action of scientists from different countries and international organizations. According to the academician Starostenko Congress solves a very important problem of uniting scientists around the world to join efforts to reduce the risks and impacts of natural disasters;

In his welcome address to the participants of the forum, Professor Ahmet Bulut — Co-President of the Congress, Vice-Rector of the University "Ondogguz Mayys" (Samsun, Turkey) highlighted the importance of the problems posed by our natural disasters, which are very relevant for Turkey. He touched on the issues of education and its role in training for disaster management.

The famous Japanese scientist, Professor Watanabe Yoshishiko very interesting facts reported changes of physiological parameters of people before strong earthquakes and other natural disasters, in particular, changes in cardiac rhythm, pressure, etc.

Director of the Royal Heart Center Professor Abdullah of Saudi Arabia Abdul Qadeer presented the results of studies carried out in the center headed by him on the effects of space and geophysical parameters on the lives and health of people. He emphasized that these studies were carried out in close cooperation with Professor Franz Halberg, who heads the international program BIOKOS.

Can be a very long list of reports and presentations of scientists. I can only say that it was interesting talks so much that the three days of the Congress, some speakers have two reports do not have time to do the second message. In addition, in the near future video presentation at the plenary session will be posted on the web site of the Congress —

Elchin Aliyev, at the plenary session was heard your detailed report, which it was dedicated?

My report is based on the first report of the International Committee GEOCHANGE, supplemented by new data. The report addressed many aspects of demonstrating threatening global changes in recent years in all layers of the Earth, from its nucleus and ending the ionosphere and magnetosphere. It was shown that the steady increase in the number and energy of natural disasters is not only the cause of numerous human victims, but also has a huge negative impact on the global economy and financial system, adding to the economic problems of the world community. A good example was given the following facts: In 2009, the economic damage from natural disasters to the global economy was $ 63 billion, then in September 2011 the economic damage in less than 9 months, was more than 600 billion U.S. dollars. Growth dynamics of the 24th 11-year cycle of solar activity from the beginning of 2011 significantly exceed the forecast estimates made by NASA in 2009, but is fully in line with expectations, represented by the International Committee (IC) GEOCHANGE in its report in June 2010. Growth in the number and energy of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, which began in 2010, fully consistent long-term forecast graph in the report GEOCHANGE. I recall that in line with forecasts MK GEOCHANGE maximum number and energy of natural disasters occur in 2013-2014.

Changes in geophysical parameters of the Earth, in particular, a five-fold acceleration of the magnetic north pole drift, changing the shape and geometric parameters of the Earth, the variation of its angular velocity and inclination of the Earth's axis shift of the center of mass and the global non-uniform changes in the levels of the oceans, and indicate the beginning of the so-called "Global energy jump" on our planet and the solar system as a whole. Therefore, it is necessary to bring together researchers from different countries to bring the true situation in the changes of the environment and their possible technological, economic and social consequences, the international community, the authoritative international organizations, including the United Nations, UNESCO, the European Commission, the heads of state and parliaments.

Would like to emphasize that in the discussion of this report, it was emphasized full consonance of these results and conclusions from the data presented in the report of Academician NP Laverov. Nikolai Pavlovich Laverov expressed full support for the World Forum GEOCATACLYSM-2011 by the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Russian Academy of Sciences readiness to take over for Russia in the 2014 World Forum on a regular natural disasters, together with the International Committee GEOCHANGE.

Elchin Aliyev, whether concrete steps aimed at preparing people for disasters?

Of course, such steps have been taken for the first time at the World Forum. At the plenary session of the Congress presented a new dedicated social network, designed to prepare the world's population to self-rescue themselves and their families in times of natural disasters. New social network, among which the main founders of MK GEOCHANGE, is fundamentally different from all the existing ones. Network members have access to information about all natural disasters occurring in the world and forecasts for some of them.

For the first time the social network will be open to provide short-term and medium-term forecasts of zones of high seismic activity around the world. This information will be made available to the Global Network for the Forecasting of Earthquakes GNFE. Imagine that someone is going to visit the resort island of Bali in Indonesia for families. What will he do in the first place, being a member of a social network That's right, look at the map of seismic hazard forecasting And if in this period is expected in the region increased risk of large earthquakes, most of all, the trip will be moved to a more secure future. It is specific to the population of the planet, to reduce the risk to people. After a while it will become as ordinary and necessary part of our lives as watching the weather forecast before you go to another country or city.

Another innovation — any party social network, while in the disaster area, can quickly transfer the video from your phone or web camera live on Internet TV social network ArkVideo. Thus, the participants of the new network will be able to watch live coverage of the disaster area the very first in the world. Currently, a new social network is gradually put into effect in the test mode.

Elchin Aliyev, you were Chairman of the World Forum and Chairman of its steering committee. Tell us about the organization of the Congress, how difficult it was to conduct the event in Turkey.

I will be frank, up to the event has been very difficult. For example, an average international conference "at home" in the country, with the participation of scientists from several countries, takes a lot of time and effort. The success of the World Forum — International Congress in one of the largest and most prestigious conference centers in Turkey, where the gathered eminent scientists from more than 30 countries around the world, proved to be difficult. This is possible thanks to the dedicated work of the organizing committee in Baku and participation of a number of authoritative international organizations, including the International Committee on Global Change and Environment, Geological GEOCHANGE, brings together scientists from more than 90 countries, the World Organization for Scientific Cooperation and several other organizations.

Around the world — the U.S., Russia, Germany, Austria, Turkey and other countries were working units of the organizing committee. In many countries of the world have been appointed national coordinator of the World Forum, which does a great job in attracting scientists in their countries to participate in the congress. Connection to the organization of the World Forum of Russian and the Pakistan Academy of Sciences, of course, was a major contribution to the success of the Congress.

Congress Centre Lutfi Kyrdar — is a four-complex with a large number of rooms and various services, award-winning restaurants and cafes. During the World Forum of an exhibition in the lobby of the convention center. During the congress organized daily coffee breaks at short intervals, in the lobby office tour desk, where, under a contract with the organizing committee of the forum, members of Congress were recorded on tour right during breaks at discounted prices. A number of hotels, including the Hilton Istanbul, in agreement with the organizing committee of the congress, the forum served with a 30% discount. The congress worked constantly Information Office, a press center, technology support for copying documents, faxing and other problems of the congress participants. The whole building has worked continuously for the Wi-Fi for easy access to online participants.

All three days of the Congress always gave a live interview from the co-chairs and participants via TRT1, NTV and other popular channels, Turkey and other countries. Congress was widely reported not only on television but also in the press. A leading Turkish newspaper "Milliyet" and other newspapers actively covered the World Forum.

Tell us about the results of the congress.

The results of the Congress is best reflected in the resolutions of the World Forum adopted at the final plenary session, the participants. The main part of the resolution forum I have listed below:

"Members of Congress have concluded that continuing trend of global changes of geological and geophysical parameters of the Earth and near-Earth space, the increase in the number and energy of natural disasters in the entire volume of the Earth: in the bowels of the Earth, hydrosphere, atmosphere, ionosphere, magnetosphere, is a serious threat to sustainable human development .

Man-made natural disasters cause an irreparable damage to ecology and the environment and lead to irreversible processes in the biosphere of our planet.

Global climate change, both natural and human factors is likely to disrupt the global ecosystem, the large-scale desertification, land degradation, ozone layer depletion and other risks, which may cause a lack of food for the inhabitants of large areas of the planet. Natural disasters, in a short time, can lead to disastrous consequences, whole regions of the world, carry the lives of many people to leave large areas of the population without shelter and livelihoods, destroy the economy of states and cause large-scale epidemics and serious infectious diseases. At present, the international community is not ready for such a possible development of the situation. Meanwhile, in the geological life of our planet repeatedly observed significant periods of increased activity of natural disasters, and the next such period, as shown by many geological indicators already arrived.

The forum participants emphasized that the greatest damage from natural disasters cause underdeveloped countries and poor people. Special programs to reduce the adverse effects of natural disasters in those countries.

It should be noted the increasing need to coordinate international efforts to develop and introduce new technologies threaten to forecast and monitor natural and man-made hazards, risk assessment and disaster management.

The participants agreed to:

— Direct resolution of the World Forum of the UN Secretary General, UNESCO, the European Komissiyu0, heads of state, parliaments and governments of all the countries in the authoritative international organizations;
— To approve the date of the next — the Third World Forum
— International Congress "Natural cataclysms and global problems of modern civilization" — in 2014.
— Approve the location of the next World Forum — Moscow, Russian Federation.
— Adopt as the main co-organizers of the Third World Forum — Russian Academy of Sciences and the International Committee on Global Change and Environment Geological GEOCHANGE (Munich, Germany).
— That the Chairperson of the World Forum Prof. Elchin Khalilov appeal to the International Geological Union and the International Union of Scientific Societies to integrate into the structure of the World Forum of the International Geological Congress and Convention of the International Union of Scientific Societies. "

Elchin Aliyev, the World Forum is over, now you can probably relax. What are your plans after the congress.

Rest after the World Forum took a week and now the organizing committee again went to work, which is no end. Ad hoc drafting group should finish editing the Congress resolution and send it to all Co-Chairmen and only after unanimous approval it will be sent to the Secretary General of the United Nations, UNESCO, the European Commission, the Heads of State and Parliament, in the authoritative international organizations. The Congress also asked the organizing committee with a request to leave the current unlimited time online site of the World Forum «GEOCATACLYSM-2011" and host a photo album, and also open a special forum for members of Congress. I also want to note that the organizing committee of the World Forum continues to work until the next Third World Forum, within 6 months will be published a collection of papers of the International Congress.

We wish you success in the difficult and noble work for the good of the people. 

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