Riddle maze of ancient civilization

The underground part of the island Yucatan archaeologists discovered an ancient maze of passages, belonging to the builders of the ancient Mayan civilization. Looking around the caves and passages, archaeologists were surprised their colossal scale, covering vast areas lying under several states.

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Inside the caves and mazes themselves are small temples and pyramids. Archeologists have also been found 90 meters high road, which in the end was the way the column and reservoir. Numerous tunnels lead out to the waters, and some paved and under them. According to scientists, these roads and underground facilities have been designed to perform the ritual, thus expressing the ratio of the ancient civilization to two opposite worlds — life and death.

Experts in the study of ancient cultures claim that the Mayans believed in life after death, and according to their understanding, the soul of a deceased person walking through the maze to the realm of the afterlife, was accompanied by a dog, which helped to overcome souls encountered test.

Under assumptions of archaeologists working underground facilities were conducted in parallel building of the temple at the top. The upper part was intended for the living, and the bottom for the dead. According to other experts — first upper temples were built, and only after, when the belief in the afterlife, widespread distribution, started construction of underground parts.

Of the strange underground structures, experts said outputs of these caves that lead to a ground surface of Guatemala. But many scientists were not looking for an explanation for these facilities and the roads have not been able to come to the unity of opinion — for what the deceased wanted a way to the surface?

Expert on Mayan culture, William Saturno, suggests that reigned among the Mayan concept of multidimensional reality with many layers. These portals, the link between life and death, where they could meet with the dead and the living. Only it is not clear what role it played in the religious culture of the Mayan.

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