Riddle of water scarcity in the world can be explained

In accordance with a new study, it was assumed that the formation of the Earth held in hotter and drier parts of the solar system than previously thought. It is believed that this fact could explain the mysterious shortage of water on the planet.

As our new study not long ago formed a "snow line", which is considered a zone abroad which could have formed ice formation 4.5 billion years ago, was at a much greater distance from the sun, as evidenced by the currently existing theory.

A researcher from the Space Telescope Science Institute (Space Telescope Science Institute, STScI) Mario Livio (Mario Livio): «Unlike the standard models of the accretion disk," snow line, "according to our research, never migrate into the Earth's orbit … It is further from sun than the Earth's orbit, and this fact explains why the Earth is a "dry" planet. "

Quite legitimate question, as the Earth, with its vast oceans, belongs to the category of dry. In a detailed study it is clear that the water is about one percent of its mass. For a long time, scientists could not explain this phenomenon, because, according to their assumptions, the formation of the Earth occurred abroad "snow line" of water-rich components.

"Snow Line" is located between Mars and Jupiter, in the middle of the asteroid belt. But according to the standard models, and 4.5 billion years ago, when there was the formation of the Earth and other planets, the "snow line" is closer to the Sun.

It has been suggested that at the time when there was a formation of the protoplanetary disk, the Earth was in a "dry" area, in the so-called "dead zone", the existence of which is explained by the fact that the inner region around the new stars were like a "forbidden" matter, and located outside the mass of gas and dust from penetrating inside, could not get to the surface of the star. Subsequently condenses the material that caused the heating area. Scientists say the earth is constantly in this area, without getting into the area of icing.

Source: www.infuture.ru

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