Ring of Fire: The moon closes the sun already this Sunday


Rare type of eclipse can watch people land on May 20: The moon is almost completely closes the sun, leaving around "Ring of Fire." This happens only once every few years, and is called an annular solar eclipse.

The average length of the moon's shadow is 373 320 km and the distance from the Earth to the Moon May 20, 2012 is 395,507 km, so the Moon's shadow does not reach the earth's surface. When the annular eclipse of the sun bright rim can not see either the crown or stars near the Sun. Maximum ring eclipse will last for 5 minutes 46 seconds.

The upcoming annular solar eclipse will be the first in 18 years, which can be seen with the naked eye. However, experts warn that the phenomenon should not be viewed through binoculars or telescopes to prevent damage to the retina, and is strongly advised to use tinted glasses.

According to NASA lab, the first "ring" will see in China, Hong Kong, Taipei, Tokyo, and several U.S. states: Alaska, California, Nevada, Arizona and Texas. Best point for observations in America is in Sacramento (California) and around Lake Tahoe. See the eclipse as residents of Russia (from Vladivostok to Arkhangelsk), South Korea, the Philippines, Canada and Mexico. Belarusians were not included in the list of the lucky ones. Do not believe me, ask Google, which created a map-based application, where anyone can check whether you can see the eclipse will be in their own city, and at what time.

The next annular eclipse will only see the inhabitants of Earth August 21, 2017. Maybe then we will have better luck …

Source: the-day-x.ru

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