River death Zolotonoshka


14.04.11.Na front of everyone quietly killed Zolotonoshka, transforming into an open hozfekalny kollektor.Kak said Meteoprog (meteoprog.ua) with reference to the news channel "24", for the fifth year in Cherkasy region continues ecological disaster.

A tributary of the Dnieper, may soon cease to exist. Anyway — as an ecosystem praktichski he's dead.
Over the past five years in the river from the nearby district center Zolotonoshka dump untreated sewage. In pond killed almost all life. Residents of nearby villages and environmentalists are sounding the alarm. If emissions are not stopped, the river turns into a dead pool.

According to one of the ancient legends, once the river on the shore gold jewelry, for which he was named Zolotonoshka. It is said that there had been extensive and deepest in its floodplain even found the remains of the ships — whether Turkish, or Greek. Now you can see only garbage and dead fish.

A few years ago on the banks Zolotonoshki bred many birds — the river belongs to Lipovskaya ornithological reserve. Because of the stench and dirt are already empty. Five years ago, the city Zolotonosha treatment plant out of service, and sewage flowed into the river.

Can not say that about the growing ecological disaster no one wrote earlier. Even last summer, journalists NTN reported mass fish kills due to discharge of industrial effluents and hozfekalnyh one of the companies Drabowsky district. But the eyes of the authorities and the public once clean river turns into the gutter. On the banks of Zolotonoshki contains dozens of villages and suburban cooperatives. People are desperate. They say the water even livestock does not drink.

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