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Alexei Butor

In the history of Russian surname Vasiliev has, I think, a special meaning. Suffice it to mention the two artists, who died very young, or just a pseudonym, taken for operational documents during the war, Joseph Stalin, or the modern Vasiliev — the leader long ago was the infamous "Memory."

A simple monk, worldly name and whose name was Vasiliy Vasilyev, who took vows with the name Abel was a true prophet of the Romanov family, and the whole Russia. Abel was a humble monk of the monastery of St. Nicholas Babayevsky Kostroma diocese. It's hard to say how it got so bright gift of foresight. According to the canons of the Church, he is given a special righteous after many years of ascetic fasting and prayer. In the biography of Abel, all of this seems to be no, he is not canonized, and not its local worship. It is believed that much later was given the gift of predicting St. Seraphim of Sarov, but his ascetic life is not a shadow of doubt. To his holy relics believers pripadaet and now, from simple pilgrim to the church hierarchy.

Monk Abel predicted events of the future of civilization in large quantities. And, unlike Nostradamus, he expounded them logically, without riddles and ciphers. Abel did not confuse the fact that his predictions may cause confusion in the community and displeasure. He wrote an extensive essay on the topic "Memories of the Future" and represented their chain of command, that is, the synod. His repeatedly punished, imprisoned in the fortress of these inventions come true with startling accuracy. It ended it all because he simply forbidden to write, and he himself, I think, found silence for the gold.

The death of the Empress Catherine II Abel predicted exactly nine months. As you might expect, Catherine ordered to put him in Schlusselburg fortress. Emperor Paul Petrovich found out about this unusual prisoner, summoned him and had a long talk. After that, he recorded his own predictions about the impending death of Abel dynasty, and with it together — and the collapse of the old Russia. It is interesting that in the prophecy were named like all Russian tsars XIX century and the exact reasons and the dates of their deaths. Predicting Abel was sealed in a special box with an indication to open exactly one hundred years.

Opened it, Nicholas II. The last Russian monarch was, presumably, a fatalist and believed in the date of his death. So, he was never afraid of attacks on himself, though revolutionaries of various stripes have killed several ministers of his government. Once a terrorist bomb exploded near Yet from the emperor. In this case, a soldier was killed and whose name was — you guessed it — Romanov.

The Emperor Paul also received a prophecy of his death in March 1801 at the hands of the conspirators. This was told one teller, calculate the life expectancy of the emperor by the number of letters of the inscription on the facade of his beloved St. Michael's Castle, where he committed the murder. "Poor Paul, poor Paul!" — These words, as legend has it, said the ghost of Peter the Great in 1773, when the future monarch took place on the Senate Square, where soon a monument to "great-grandfather's great-grandson of" work Falcone.

The death of the son and heir of Paul — Emperor Alexander the Blessed — also a historical mystery. Legend of the Elder Fyodor Kuzmich and oxbow Vera Alexandrovna — the royal couple, who took voluntary feat wandering, there is a long time. Directly in front of the death of the king over Petersburg was the great comet, rays of which were sent to the west, and over Taganrog, where the king died in October 1825 urban residents watched over the king's palace there were two stars, three times converge and diverge. Then one of them turned into a dove, and sat for the rest of the star. Soon the vision disappeared.

There are puzzles and with the death of his brother and heir of Alexander — Nicholas I. Version of a possible suicide emperor is nothing more than a version. But the harbingers of his death was multiple. Russian tsars in the middle of the XIX century to the point Germanized as kindly to them was the ghost of a white woman, which had used to herald the death and misery the German house of Hohenzollern. The first time she came in Gatchina daughter of King Alexander Joseph and Prince Alexander Baratinsky. A few days before the death of Nicholas saw a ghost in the Winter Palace. However, the fortune teller and the St. Petersburg Marfusha that the king visited incognito, he predicted the demise of the "before the onset of heat." Marfa knew too much, and Nicholas ordered to arrest her, but the "Kiev witch" and better domestic fortune teller and learned about it, but because pre-made poison.

Alexander II the Liberator was the first in the life prediction in the year of birth. Moscow whacky Fedor said that the Emperor "is powerful, nice and strong, will be one of the greatest rulers in the world, but will die in red boots." Indeed, a bomb at Alexander crushed and torn off part of it and his feet. It should be noted that while officially the rights to the throne of the father of the future emperor — Nicholas I — no one knew.

One well-known fortune teller told the king that it would be exactly seven attempts and he will die just from the latter. The first attempt to murder Alexander occurred in a year when he met with his long-term mistress — EM Dolgorukoj, then there was a second, third, fourth … In the end March 1, 1881 the Emperor was not injured at the sixth attempt — when Narodovolets Trotters dropped his bomb in a stately procession, but died in the seventh — from another terrorist bombs — Ignatius GRYNIEWICKI.

Emperor Alexander III was a tremendous athlete that no one seems to dare to predict it's nothing particularly wrong with that. Actually, except for the abundance of Russian vodka yes kidney patients in his life was all good. And the attempt on his life did not take place, and the terrible failure of the royal train did not affect him or his family. But death came relatively early and unexpectedly.

But his son and successor, Nicholas II received an enormous amount of completely vindicated predictions. He was born, by the way, on the day of St. Job the Long-suffering and kind of relationship with his patron always felt. It is the long-suffering Job monk named Abel last Russian tsar in his prophecy recorded by Paul I. There also was predicted and the date of death of the dynasty — 1918.

It all started with the fact that a Japanese monk Terakuto said, the future emperor crowned during the trip: "The great trouble and turmoil are waiting for you and your country. You bring a sacrifice for his people together as a redeemer for his folly."

Foreigners are generally well versed in the future Russian dynasty. The well-known English soothsayer Haire exactly predicted the fate of the king. He also revealed the future of his cousin Nicholas English King Edward VII, writer Wilde and many of his contemporaries. They met in 1904 in St. Petersburg and G.Rasputinym, to a certain extent also possessed the gift of prophecy. Haire foretold his great influence and power over the people, and equally tragic end — a violent death in the palace of poison, knives and bullets. After that, the water of the Neva must close above the "elder Gregory." And so it happened.

Rasputin himself has repeatedly said the queen, "I will not — and you will not." It is now thought that was meant in general all of the Romanov dynasty, some members of which so furiously strove to destroy the predictor …

There are a number of prophecies of St. Seraphim of Sarov. They were known not only to Nicholas II. However, the interpretation of these divinely inspired prophecies — by far, the task of the clergy.

But the most famous prophecy about Russia never was not forbidden. It was and is in school anthologies. Its author — Mikhail Lermontov. It is only necessary to be able to read it.

There will come a year, Russian black year when kings crown will fall. Mobile to forget her old love, food and many will die and the blood When children when innocent women Hurled not protect law …


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