Rome predicted earthquake in Spain

Ten people were killed in a powerful earthquake in the Spanish town of Lorca. Of aftershocks was damaged historic center. The earthquake, which was the strongest in Spain for 55 years, ironically the date coincided with the predicted disaster for Italy, which is not a prophecy fulfilled.

A strong earthquake occurred in the evening on May 11 in the south-east of Spain. The epicenter was in shock depth of 1 km in the province of Murcia, near the town of Lorca.

First, at 17.05 local time (19.05 (MSK)), in the city there was a first sensed by an earthquake. Its magnitude, according to El Pais, was 4.5. Him at intervals of one and a half hours (18.47 local time), followed by another strong push, a magnitude of 5.2.

Among the dead is a child

The earthquake, according to the latest information, killed ten people, including one child. At least another 160 people went to the hospital for medical attention. Total in Lorca are about 85 thousand people.

From the hospital, a building which has received some damage in the earthquake were evacuated all the patients and staff. The city has been deployed a field hospital.

The fall of the bells were videotaped

The city itself suffered extensive damage. Of aftershocks significantly affected the historic center of Lorca, which is a network of narrow alleyways.

The footage from the event shows that the walls of some of the buildings are covered with huge cracks. Many cars parked on the streets, were broken by falling on them fragments of facades.

Spanish Television footage also showed a fall of a large piece of the facade of the church, located in the city center. Debris along with the bell fell a few meters away from the operator, who was shooting footage for the live news broadcast.

After the earthquake in the city was halted trains, blocked the main road highway. Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, who was briefed on the earthquake in his meeting with Spanish King Juan Carlos, ordered to deploy an operational headquarters in Lorca.

Earthquake expected in Rome

Each year, in Spain there are hundreds of aftershocks, but the vast majority of them are so weak that they are fixed only by special devices. Murcia is the most seismically active regions of the country. Province is located on the Mediterranean coast, in which the tectonic fault that separates the Eurasian and African continents.

Occurred in Lorca called the strongest earthquake in Spain for 55 years, the number of victims. Recent devastating earthquake that killed 12 people, occurred in the province of Granada in 1956.

Ironically, the event took place in Lorca in the day, when a devastating earthquake, according to the prediction, was to destroy the Italian capital. This prophecy has made a self-taught seismologist Raffaele Bendandi, who died in 1979. Since the account was somewhat Bendandi vindicated predictions, many Romans preferred to get out of town just in case. Many of those who could not, on Wednesday just went to work, refusing to leave the house.

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