Royal astrologer, who changed the fate of England

In the Renaissance period may not be a more interesting figure than John Dee. Astrology has provided him the opportunity to predict the fate of the queen. Born during the reign of King Henry VIII Dee was one of the most brilliant mathematicians and scientists.

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His teaching about optics anticipated creation of the first Galileo telescope. Year 1555, although Dee is widely known as an astrologer, he was surprised to receive a request to make a horoscope for an unusual client, a member of the royal family — Queen Elizabeth. England torn apart by the struggle for power of passion right of inheritance, the young daughter of Henry VIII is under house arrest. Queen Mary feels young princess threat to their sovereignty, it is rumored that Elizabeth is waiting for execution.

Fearing for his life Elizabeth Dee refers to a request to predict its future. Whether it is destined to lose his head on the chopping block or she will still live in fallen at her trial. John Dee was an amazing figure in England at that time. He was quite a well-educated man.

Today, it is the combination may sound strange, mathematics, and here's the magic, astronomy and astrology immediately. Dee finds out the date of birth of Princess and starts calculating its stake. The results are stunning Dee. To the amazement of Elizabeth she learns from her except that Di penalty waiting for something else. According to the astrological chart it is destined to become a queen. After learning about the prediction, rival Queen Mary Dee throws in prison for heresy and treason and sentenced him to be burned at the stake.

But the sentence and not be carried out, as predicted by Dee, the Queen dies suddenly and reigns on the throne of Elizabeth. As a token of his gratitude appoints Elizabeth Dee personal royal astrologer England. Throughout the reign of it more than once will listen to his advice.

Queen Elizabeth asked him to choose the most auspicious day for his coronation, which he did. Given that it has been a success, it is easy to conclude that he was not wrong with the choice of the day.

Was horoscope Dee accurate prediction based on the location of stars, or it was a subtle political hunch? We are unlikely to find out.

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