Ruapehu volcano crater lake heated

Ruapehu volcano crater lake heated, but signs of an impending eruption there.

Institute GNS Science volcanologists said that at present in the lake recorded high temperatures of the order of 38-39 C.

GeoNet duty volcanologist Agnes Mazo Service reported that the changes also occurred in the emissions of volcanic gases, seismic activity and composition of the water of the crater lake.

"These changes show that Ruapehu is experiencing signs of elevated background. Therefore Aviation Code was raised to yellow, "- she said.

Four-scale volcanic hazard warning uses the terms "calm", "warning", "attention" and "danger", with assignment of yellow color code the term "warning."

March 1 water temperature in the lake reached 41 ° C. Since 2002 the lake was restored, the highest temperature of the water was recorded in March 2003 and it was noted eight heating cycles.

"The temperature of the crater lake is determined by the amount of heat rising from Ruapehu."

Warning of volcanic risk remains on the first level, which indicates that there are no signs of volcanic activity.

During this period of rising temperatures in the lake were reported changes in the chemical composition of water, increasing the concentration of carbon dioxide and a slight increase in seismic activity under the volcano.

"These observations, in particular seismic events were not observed during the previous period of rising temperatures in the lake," — said Ms. Mazo. They point out that the volcano Ruapehu experiencing excitement, surpassing its typical periods.

Despite the fact that to date there is no sign of an impending eruption, Ruapehu is an active volcano and future eruptions may occur without any risk or with a little danger.

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Source: The New Zealand Herald

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