Russia pinned abnormal cold

Unusual for February frosts were established in many Russian regions. Is forecast meteorologist, Yakutia in the next two days, the thermometer at night to drop to minus 59 degrees. It's cold in Siberia and Altai.

In St. Petersburg, mid-February was the coldest in the history of weather observations. Temperatures dropped to 10-16 degrees below the usual values, ITAR-TASS reported.

In the Baltic cold holding at 15-degree mark. However, in humid climates such cold — a real test. So even in the Navy canceled the morning cross and long construction.

In the Chelyabinsk region in Kopeisk, because of the cold snap burned a passenger bus — wiring broke temperature difference. And in Magnitogorsk had to put a tram.

Until the 24th of February in the region operates a storm warning, weather forecasters promise to minus 45. In Kazan is also expected to record minus 42 February. Canceled classes in schools Ulyanovsk.


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