Russia’s first center for the production and distribution of diagnostic radiopharmaceuticals

In Lipetsk region begins construction of Russia's first center for the production and distribution of diagnostic radiopharmaceuticals

In the city of Lipetsk region Elec RUSNANO project company LLC "PET Technology" started construction of the center for the production and distribution of radiopharmaceuticals for positron emission tomography.

Generated in Yelets center will produce diagnostic radiopharmaceuticals for tomographic surveys in the Central Federal District. Start of production is planned for 2013. The volume of the finished product is not less than 100 million doses annually. The Center will include a radiochemical laboratory and the laboratory quality control, as well as a particle accelerator (cyclotron), which will be manufactured drugs.

Positron emission tomography — one of the most promising ways to detect cancer, cardiac and neurological diseases. It is based on the selective absorption of radiopharmaceuticals tumor tissues and tissues in which there is an intensive exchange of substances. The most important advantage of the method is that it allows you to diagnose the disease in its early stages, and thus greatly simplify the treatment.

Organization of production of radiopharmaceuticals — one of the stages of the project RUSNANO to establish a network of PET and computed tomography (PET centers) in Russia. The total budget is 2.4 billion rubles, including RUSNANO co-financing of $ 1.2 billion.

The ceremony of laying the first stone was attended by Deputy Head of Administration of the Lipetsk region Sergei Sologubov, First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Alexander Torshin, Deputy Chairman of the Board of RUSNANO Andrew Swinarenko, RUSNANO Managing Director Olga Shpichko and General Director of "PET Technology" Yury Pronin.

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