Russia’s first drug for the treatment of hepatitis C

March 18, 2013 drug for the treatment of hepatitis C, "Algeron" received a certificate of registration. Russia's first drug pegylated interferon alpha — an innovative biopharmaceutical company developing BIOCAD. Today, the world's only two drugs are similar level, both — imported. "The emergence of the domestic market of the drug pegylated interferon alpha will significantly improve the availability of modern effective treatment of chronic hepatitis C to Russian patients. According to the results of clinical trials, "Algeron" demonstrated high efficacy and safety, nothing rivals the imported drugs for the treatment of hepatitis C, "- said vice-president of research and development biopharmaceutical company BIOCAD Roman Ivanov.


About $ 5 million has been invested in the creation of the country's drug pegylated interferon alpha. Almost 3 years BIOCAD specialists developed an innovative drug "Algeron." The drug has passed extensive testing on the basis of relevant institutions in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Smolensk and Kazan. The program of clinical studies included patients with chronic hepatitis C, not previously lechivshiesya interferon therapy. They were divided into 3 groups. In the two main groups of participants received "Algeron" in a dose of 1.5 mcg / kg / week. or 2.0 mg / kg / week. in combination with ribavirin, and in the active-control — registered in the Russian drug pegylated interferon alpha-2b "PegIntron" (Schering-Plough Labo NV, Belgium) in combination with ribavirin. Comprehensive assessment of the efficacy, safety, pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic parameters led to the conclusion about the optimal therapeutic dose "Algerona" equal to 1.5 micrograms / kg / week.

Treatment today imported drugs annual cost to the patient with chronic hepatitis C from 700 thousand to 1.5 million rubles. The emergence of the Russian original medication will significantly reduce costs. In Russia, the average market price of pegylated interferon alpha on the shelves of pharmacies is about 10,000 rubles. / Pack. But not all patients with hepatitis C receive government support, a significant body of socially active people treated at its own expense and can not always take a full course of therapy. New original drug "Algeron" will be available for 35-50% of the existing drugs on the market today. It is expected that in the first year, the share of the drug "Algeron" in total sales BIOCAD be 5%, and in the next few years will rise to 20%. Home sales scheduled for July. The drug is already in demand both in the domestic and foreign markets.

In the next decade, chronic hepatitis C can be a key challenge not only health care Russia, but also in most countries. According to the World Health Organization, chronic hepatitis C in the world are sick of about 150 million people. Each year, this figure increased by 4.3 million according to official data, in Russia are infected with hepatitis C about 1.8 million people, and according to the experts — 5 million is projected to have a peak incidence in the 2018-2020 .. This largely explains why the drug is already "Algeron" successfully passed the procedure of patenting in more than 40 countries.

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