Russia’s first granulated urea plant near Tula came to its full capacity

October 31 Mineral and Chemical Company "EuroChem" hit the planned capacity for the production of granular urea the first shop in Russia the production of this type of fertilizer Novomoskovsk "Ashdod" — 3.15 tons per day.

Exactly one year after the trial run new, built from the ground up, production of granular urea NAC "Nitrogen" came to the intended capacity.

With the launch of production of granular urea in Novomoskovsk, Russia became the fifth country in the world where this product is manufactured on an industrial scale. Besides Russia granular urea produced in the United States, India, Canada and Egypt. The investment program for the launch and conclusion on the production capacity of the plant, "Urea-3" NAC "Nitrogen" cost "EuroChem" of 5.7 billion rubles. "Eurochim" — Russia's largest fertilizer producer, is a top ten world producers. Novomoskovskiy "Nitrogen" from 2002 is part of the MCC "EuroChem" and is one of the largest enterprises of the chemical industry in Europe and Russia.

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