Russia will receive 2.5% of electricity from renewable energy by 2020

The volume of electricity generated by renewable energy sources (RES) to reach by 2020, only 2.5%, well below the planned level of government of Russia by 4.5%, according to vice-president of the Russian Association of Wind Power Industry Anatoly Kopylov.

The Russian government in 2009 approved a plan that by 2020 the amount of electricity generated from renewable sources is expected to grow to 4.5% with less than 1%. According to the Ministry of Energy, as of 2010 in Russia using renewables produced 5.9 billion kWh of electricity, which is 0.9% of total production. The total capacity of RES plants reaches 1.3 GW.

"Theoretically, Russia could reach 4.5%, but in practice it would be very difficult to do. Assuming the plans, which are now considered by the Ministry of Energy and Economic Development, the total capacity of all the plants should be drawn up by 2020, 11,000 MW, that is, about 2.5% of the total energy balance, "- said Kopylov RIA Novosti during the fourth conference of the Russian Wind Industry Association (RVCA).

At present, according to vice-president of RVCA, Russia developed about fifty projects in the wind energy total installed capacity of about 2-2.5 gigawatts.

According to experts, the cost of wind energy production in Russia will not be much different from the European.

"Today's most efficient wind farms provide cost at 1.2-1.7 rubles per kilowatt-hour, less efficient given the price at 3 rubles. For comparison — in Russia today, the wholesale price of electricity in the first price zone is about 1, 5 rubles, "- concluded Kopylov.

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